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I keep thinking I'm going to have a seizure, I have real bad anxiety and bad panic attacks. I'm not sure if this is a sign that I am going to have one? Why do I keep having this feeling? It's so hard for me to sleep, I have never had a seizure in my life. And really don't want one. My mother nor father haven't had one, I don't think we have a history of seizures. But when I think about seizures, I think of my having one. My grandmother has seizures, and that's when it all got me starting to think I was going to have a seizure. It happens all the time, and I want this feeling to stop! I don't want to keep thinking it either PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! ):
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Your grandmother's seizures are triggering your anxiety. It is common for anxiety sufferers to panic over ailments and symptoms that loved ones are suffering from. So if a person has health related anxiety and loses a loved one to cancer, he/she may fear that every pain, abnormality, or symptom is cancer.

What you need to realize is that your grandmother's seizures were not passed on or handed down to you. You are a young, healthy teen with healthy parents. Your grandmother's condition is in no way related to your current state of health, which by all counts is normal and healthy.

You are allowing your fear, and your thoughtsl, to overrided logic. You are having a "thought" about seizures, and the only thing real about it is the "thought", not the seizure itself, which has been made up in your mind. When you start to have these anxious feelings remind yourself that you are only having thoughts, and those thoughts are not ever going to make your worst fears come true.
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I would not dismiss your symptoms as emotional. It is all too often that hard to diagnose cases are referred to a therapist. If you are suffering anxiety and panic attacks and feel a seizure impending, there is probably a physical cause. You need to see a doctor.  Speak to your parents about your problems.
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Thank you, that helped so much.
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I only think I'm going to have one, I keep thinking I'm going to swallow my tongue, or choke on it.
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hope your better now, i really feel your not going to have a seizure if you was you would of already had one. and you have not, a seizure comes on fast and you have it , it does not linger on for hours/days feeling like your going to have one, you do or dont and if you have no medical reason to have one then you wont.

this is all from anxiety am sure , your mind is so powerful it can do so many things to your own body and we dont even know we are doing it to ourself. i pray you feel better and maybe go to dr and get a full check-up so you will feel better about your health and maybe your anxiety will get better .
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I would have to disagree. I felt for a long time that I was close to a seizure. Ultimately it was discovered that I had a condition which, untreated, would have led to seizures.
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