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Im getting a strange "rushing thoughts" sensation...I literally cannot shut my mind off at all...it wont stop and I just wanna go sleep...

Im scared...its like im hyperactive....like im on a drug like speed.....but it isnt pleasent at all...

Could this just be anxiety....like a panic attack without other symptoms or could this be mania or manic depression..???

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i think its anxiety i went through the same thing before and couldnt sleep dont worry about it to much you will only make it worst
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Def. could be a symptom of anxiety. I get like that when I'm having bad anxiety. It's nothing to worry about. It's your mind just running wild.

When I used to get it, it used to worry me... b/c I would lay there in bed... and these "automatic" thoughts would just start rushing through my head... and the thoughts wouldnt even make any sense at all... For example... I would shut my eyes at bedtime and try to say my prayer... it was so hard to focus on saying my prayer in my head b/c my mind was thinking about random things.. .like a book flipping through pages fast... I'd see an image of a cartoon character for example for a second.. then the though would be a picture or scenerio of my mom... and so on and so on... I just prayed about it and let it do its thing... and it eventually left.

Yours will leave too. =)

Just try to ignore it as much as ya can.
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wow you said the same thing i was going through the prayer and everything. things that didnt make any sense at all. i thought it was the paxil so i stop taking it, now i know its just anxiety. by the way cnote i havent heard you far a while now how are you feeling
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cheers guys......I got a bit more positive as the night got on and my mind got tired but im a bit worried as ive woke up and its still here. Did your symptoms last longer than just before bed? And were they really scary......mine feels like im ultra awake and like my brain is going hyper....and at the same time its scary...like im trapped in my mind. How long did it last before yours went away?
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I think they call it "ruminating" - thoughts run through your mind over and over again like a broken record, and it's like you can't break-into your own head.  It's awful, I know.  It's not easy to find a solution, but you need to try to find a method to slow your thoughts down and switch your focus to positive affirmations.  I would imagine that different things work for different people.  For me it's reading a book.  I read every single night when I go to bed and if I am having difficulties with unwanted thoughts, I try to slow my reading right down, concentrating on every single word on the page, one at a time.  You could also try something like listening to a meditative cd/recording, or soft, gentle music on an iPod and really try to focus on what you are listening to.  Keep trying different things until you find something that works for you, but try not to stress about it (I know that's easier said than done) as that will only make it worse.  Good luck!
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thanks guys...its getting better...

I remembered today how I used to get it when I was in a crowd and made people laugh...id always get the same hyper, racing mind, scary thing....dunno...its weird

thanks though!

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Anyone have anything more on this? it sorta went away but tonight I thought about it again and within seconds it came back...Could thinking about being hyper make my brain hyper?

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"THINKING" does a lot NeMH.... it can def. be the cause. =) Most likely is.

Anxiety and panic are usually has alot to do with our thought process, and how we are wired... and we can control it. Just gotta learn how.

Ever thought about seeing a psychologist about this? They can help lots! =)

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Hi- I frequently have this symptom- something that helps me is doing crosswords- easy ones, not too hard- takes my mind off the crazy thoughts- also the other day I was driving and this happened so I just started saying the names of the things I saw- tree, house, flower, dog, sky etc. This helped.

Boy this sounds so crazy, but when you're in the middle of an attack whatever works!!!
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