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ive been suffering from anxiety and depression for about 4 months now and im taking 50 mg of zoloft a day..... lately i havent felt anxious or depressed at all but i feel like im not myself any more, i feel like i forgot how to be myself, im not the same with my friends and family no more, i dont act the same, i dont talk the same , i dont care about the things i use to, i dont know what i like and what i dislike, its like i forgot how to be myself...... im wondering if anybody has ever experienced this ? is this just a symptom of my anxiety and depression? am i ever gonna be myself again?..... please respond A.S.A.P
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Unfortunately, many individuals experience similar symptoms while on medication. In order to properly control a disorder it's often necessary to prescribe medication which turns us into zombies.

It's a matter of what presents the greater benefit. The disorder or the medication and feeling that go with it.

There is also the possibility that you haven't yet found the right combination of medications that control your symptoms, yet allow you to live a somewhat normal life.

Be patient, talk with your doctor about your concerns and possibly try different dosages and/or medications.

Also, removing yourself from some medications and trying adjunct therapies such as yoga, exercise, meditation and accupunture may help.

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Hey check your medication side effects.
To me your description sounds like you are "snowed". I went thru this too. Yeah being "snowed" at first is great, no crazy anxiety attacks, ect. You get a break from life.
But you also sound like me. I do want to be in touch w life. I played with my dosage until I felt comfortable and no longer "snowed".
TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR b4 doing this though. He will teach you how to alter your dosage. The one thing I can say about meds is honestly follow the doctors orders. Eventually you will learn to control yourself and or learn to control yourself and the meds.
DON'T be ashamed to talk openly about this!
I have had anxiety since puberty. I did not realize it at the time, but was self medicating myself. As I hit my 30's I finally talked to my MD then a Shrink. It has helped and now I control my meds, not my meds controling me!
Good Luck Georgie!
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Hey George!

I also went through this years ago after i was on meds for a truck accident i was in. I was PTSD.

Thing is...YOU know how the meds make you feel. sounds like your in a kinda "stuck" feeling. comfortably numb. i would speak with your doctor, let him know that you would like to be on the lowest dose possible, to help your manage.

Then look into, support for  "pushing through your fears". That can come in a form of a support group..whether it is on medhelp for awhile until you can find the right one..or the is also a anxiety/phobia workbook that you can also purdhase. Why not use both?

Start bringing in those meditation tapes. I use Bellaruth Narprostek
Bring in the "Peace" when ever you can...and start doing the little things that make you comfortable. Small Hikes? Fishing? Choose to speak with those that are uplifting and positive.

Seacrh the net for meditation tapes..also positive affirmations. also the workbook. Counseling every week or 2 weeks if tyou are not comfortable with each week.

Know you will be well. :O)

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