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HIV Anxiety Test Result

I have hooked a girl i known for months. I always practice safe sex with were together. Because of the HIV scare
me and the girl both get tested and fortunately we are both negative. Aside from being guilty with my girlfriend i cant shake the anxiety that what if the test is wrong? I overheard at the lab that the blood taken from me (a full syringe) was not enough.. How can i not able to accept and move on with results? Aside from the guilt killing me, the anxious of what if the test is wrong? I have another affair with the friend last two months ago, she was negative last year and she was not touched other than me. I cant seem to enjoy sex since every after enjoying it, i am anxiously thinking of STDs, STIs even when using condom... Right now i have been taking tests every 3 months, even those two girls i confidently know that they were clean, i feel like i am going nuts..
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your using a condom shes been tested didn't have hiv  if you didn't have it befor her and have been no were else and her ether i think its safe to say you don't have it Relaxxxxxxxxx
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I have extreme STD anxiety as well. First of all, coming from someone who is deathly afraid aswell, as long as you used condoms and they didn't break, it's impossible.
If that is not the case, talk to a doctor and get retested. I would also reccomend speaking with a counsellor or a friend as they can really help ease the mental exhaustion and overthinking
Best of luck xoxo
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Hi, I have obsessive thoughts about HIV. my thoughts started when my friends borrowed my sunscreen cream. then I started thinking about if she have HIV or not, because she goes on to many dates! I thought is it possible that to be infected by using same cosmetic productions or not? I googled it and the answer was negative. I almost forget about it until one day my cousin came to our home and cut his finger and asked me to stick a band aid on his finger. I don't know I touched blood stain or not and I don't know my cousin may have HIV or not!
I told my sister about my obsessive thoughts and she ensure me that my cousin is a wise guy and doesn't have unsafe relationships and it's impossible to be infected when you didn't have any cuts or cracks on your skin. I feel better after speaking with her. but now, 5 mounts later, the obsessive thoughts are back.
I don't know if I have to go for a test or not and don't know does it help or not. I feel bad and think no one can help me :(
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