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HIV anxiety

I don't know what to believe about HIV testing. I tested negative for HIV at 6 weeks and then 12 weeks after a needle stick from an HIV negative patient. I'm not comfortable with the negative HIV result from the patient because he could have been in the window period. My baby that I'm breastfeeding keeps getting sick with colds every month and the week I tested HIV negative at 12 weeks, she had a viral rash and fever and ear infection. I am told to seek mental health help. But I could have HIV and antibodies haven't been detectable yet. Can a person test positive after 12 weeks? How can a test be conclusive when there is a chance you could be positive?
What if I've hurt my baby? Why doesn't anyone care about that?
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Ok try to think logical.  I'm assuming you are a nurse of some kind if you had a accidental needle stick?  You said the person the needle stick came from was negative.  You also tested negative after 12 weeks.  That means you are FINE!! less than 1% of americans have this disease. so the chances of that person being in the window period are so SLIM! you also tested negative after 12 weeks meaning you don't have it.  I realize anxiety and stress can cause wonders on our minds, but you are fine. you have your negative two tests to proove that.
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Ditto the above reply.

Anxiety is not allowing you to accept the facts and move on from this.  That needs addressed.  With modern HIV tests, most newly infected people actually test + very quickly, within mere weeks of an exposure.  There's no way you wouldn't have produced enough detectable antibodies by 12 weeks.  Your test is conclusive, you don't have HIV.

This has really got a hold on you, and anxiety is not something that goes away on its own most times.  You need to seek help.  

Remember that FEAR if not FACT.  You're stuck on the fear, when you need to be focused on the FACTS.
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I try to focus on the facts but it scares me that my baby keeps getting sick, every month. I'm scared I've made her sick. I read that chronic colds and ear infections are signs of HIV in children.
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That's the problem, you have to stop "reading".  You're reinforcing to your mind that HIV is something you need to be worried about.  You have to help yourself by making an effort to stop doing those kinds of things.

Babies get sick, a lot.  Their immune systems are immature.  

You really really need to focus on addressing your anxiety.
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How old is your baby?...Have you considered he or she may have allergies.....maybe to dairy?  

Two of my three kids have dairy sensitivities....they had colds and ear infections for most of their infantile lives.  My youngest had so many ear infections from milk products that she has lost the hearing out of one ear and only has partial in the other....(scar tissue).........this child had her own child 2 yrs. ago and this baby has never had dairy and has never been sick but once last xmas when the whole house got the flu.

just food for thought....no pun intended.  :o}
hoping peace finds you.  :o}
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