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HIV anxiety

I have what I feel a possible HIV exposure.  I took a sip out of an individual beer can and am worried sick that I have contracted HIV.  I don't even know whether or not the individual is HIV positive.  I just know a little of his background and it has me completely freaked out.  The thoughts of his gums bleeding into the can and me having an open wound in my mouth, etc.  I can't stop thinking about it.  I know that this is anxiety driven--what can I do about it.  Was there a possible HIV risk?  
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You had NO RISK.
HIV is NOT transmitted in this manner.

Your fear IS anxiety driven and you ask what you can do about that? Very simple............get yourself educated about HIV.
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Hi, I think you are probably worrying about nothing. It is quite difficult to contract HIV from mouth to mouth contact. If you are ompletely overly worried get a test but I think you should relax. Try to not think too hard about it. It is completely likely that this person had no illnesses at all. Im sure it will all work out ok for you. Hope this helps.
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" It is quite difficult to contract HIV from mouth to mouth contact."

Just to clarify the above statement^^.

It is actually not possible to contract HIV from mouth to mouth contact, from any kind of oral ingestion, kissing, etc.  This rings true even if one or both of the parties has bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, etc.

Lydia is right, the very BEST way to combat HIV Anixety is to get educated about the virus.  Unfortunately, many of us were not taught correctly about REAL risks and our education about HIV was fear-based.  We've come a long way since the start of HIV and getting educated is so important.  Not one person should still fear getting HIV from casual contact, or from objects.  Also, knowing the REAL risks out there and how to prevent the disease, not one more person should be getting infected.  It is 100% preventable.

If you can't move forward from this, I suggest you get some therapy to help you deal with the anxiety and maybe explore where your fears are coming from!

God luck!
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Thanks so much for the comments as it has truly relieved a large amount of my anxiety and stress level.  I do have one question regarding a report i read from the CDC that there is one case in where an HIV negative individual became infected from her partner through deep open mouth kissing in where both had severe dental problems and bleeding gums.   Has this be reputed in recent years.  I appreciate all the work you guys do and the journal you wrote over ways to catch HIV was great.  This is truly just a questions with no fears involved.  Thanks
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