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Hello, I am 23 and stupidly had unprotected vaginal sex with a random Ukrainian girl who I met at a nightclub while travelling in Kyiv Ukraine. I have no reason to believe she was infected with HIV but between 1-2% of Ukraine's population are and a large percent of those don't know that their infected. What are the chances that I have been infected? Should I get tested? If so, how long should I wait?

Thank you.
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Youngguy gave you great advice.

The chances of you contracting HIV in the manner you described are actually quite low.  Most people do NOT have it, even CSW's.  Stillm, you had a risk and need to test.

If you anxiety is not alleviated by your test, then I would advise seeking professional help.  Sometimes, anxiety requires intervention from a professional to get it to a manageable level.

Best of luck!
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hey bud try not to beat your head against the wall over this. Most of us have been in your shoes at some point. I'm a gay guy so this phobia hits close to home. The anxiety is entirely unbearable. The best thing you can do is get tested at 3 months after the incident to insure you did not contract the virus. If you cant wait that long a test at 6 weeks should be pretty re-assuring. DO NOT look up signs and symptoms etc they are very vague and tell you nothing and you will only develop psychosomatic symptoms (which are very real). Until then remember to live you life, and from now on condoms condoms condoms! (and better yet don't have sex with strangers its just not worth it!)
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