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i HAVE BEEN OB VALIUM FOR 30 YEARS.  I moved and all the dotors will not perscribe.  I am 62 with serious mendical problems.I have been told no to go off it now by my previous doctor and my own sense of age,medical conditions and has not been a problem.  If you have any suggestions please e mail me at ***@****.  I see no reason for a Dr not to perscribe as of my age medical condition and was taken off once and ended up hospitalized and put back on it.  I was told bt a doctor they do not want to be sued.I dont want to die and this makes no sense to me.  Please help I promise I wont sue.

PS: you could check all past doctors and pharmacy
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I would go see a p-doc.  If they will not prescribe you the med, then they should help you get off it.  And since you have been on for so long, you need to go really really really slow.
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30 years. Wow. Is it still working? Whatever you do don't just stop. Not after that long on it. If it means going to ER even when you done run out and feel bad, then go to ER and get the help you need. Explain how long you have been on it for and you were advised that you can't just stop taken it suddenly becauses it will cause a health risk. By now your body needs it. Just stopping can and would be dangerous. I would more sue over that side of the issue. The doctor is putting your health at risk by not given you the medication. If he wants you off it there is a method and I am sure he is well aware of that too.

Oh and emails addresses can't be posted. Not that anybody would use it anyway.
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They why bother to go off when all was well.  I have always followed directions and never abused it.  Why fix something that not broken.  Manbey the doctor just run and hide than treat a problem.  There are mixed opionions out there about this drug but if you are a doctor you listen and come up with a soultion with the paitent.  They won even listen.
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Thanks for you concern I know it was from the heart.  I just dont see a reason to stop anything if its working.  We both know the history of the drug and the different opinions as to its worth.  I have never abused it and why put somebody thru the withdrawls which I was hospitalized and then put back on it.  I really thank you for you concern.
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I'm with you, if it's working to your satisfaction, why fix what ain't broke?  Obviously nobody was ever supposed to stay on meds for as long as most of us do, they were never developed or tested for long-term use, but therapy just isn't all it's cracked up to be, so we end up staying on meds way beyond their original recommended use.  Since your problem is so intractable, any med is likely to be a long-term one, so why not just stay on the one you're on?  Anyway, just my two cents.  

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May I ask what a p doctor is, again thanks for your support
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A psychiatrist.
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I don't care if you moved to the other side of the freaking world............contact your old doctor IMMEDIATELY and tell him that nobody will prescribe you diazepam!
That is just INSANE! Do they not have your medical records yet? It would be in there that it was one of your PDMs (Prescribed Daily Medications) They cannot withold those from you!
And why the hell do these doctors think you might sue them? You'd think they'd be far more worried about you having a seizure and dying from them witholding the medication than giving it to you. It hasn't killed you in 30 years, it sure isn't going to kill you now.
Get hold of your old doctor or a good medical malpractice lawyer.
I wish you luck...........sounds like you got in with a practice of morons!
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thanks for your answer.  My past doctor has no licience for this state.  I have talked to a referal service for malpractice lawyers and the said at this point no lawer will take a little money case.  You expressed how I feel but something is very weird about this whole thing.  I am fully convinced that something exist that does not meet the eye. I can not get a straight from anybody.  The FDA did tell me they tightened some of their regs but nothing specific.  I appreciate your concern and sincerity but I have never had tis runaround in 30 years.
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Have you contacted the AMA in Arizona?  I know not all doctors belong to it, but most do.  They will be able to help you find someone.  You need to let anyone you talk to that you need to see a doctor right away because you are new to the area and are on a medication that cannot be stopped abruptly.  Also, even though your old doctor isn't licensed in that state, he can call in a prescription in to a Walgreens in Arizona and then you can go to a local one in your area and have it transferred there.  I travel a lot, and have had to do this many times. Also, don't call a doctor and say you need to have a prescription for the Ativan, they may view you as something else, othere than who you are.  If all ese fails, go to your local ER, I'm sure they will give you enough until you get this resolved.  Forget about suing the doctors, it's almost impossible.  They cover for each other, have to bring someone in from another state to say what they did was wrong, and this is difficult to do.  Then after you do start a lawsuit, the doctor/hospital pays off the attorney and you either start over, or move on.  Concentrate on resolving your issue at hand, you don't need the added aggravation of suing that takes several years to resolve.  Good luck and I hope you get this resolved quickly.
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Thanks fot the advice.  I need all i can get.  I did talk to the FDA and they told me recently they added more things for the doctor..They have to sumitt a list of all their valium rxs for the week.  I did not get any other info.  Except the lady said the doctors think i abuse it.  The sad thing is they wont even talk.  I think to myself there is more and Roach the manafacture was no help,but i do not know for sure but the person I talked to stuck to the company line very well.  Again thanks for your concern.  I am looking at the Phillipines you dont need an rx even ther but they said shipping to the US nis hard because of us rules. I just dont know mabey have shipped to Mexico and from arizona drive to pick them up.  Anyways sorry for going on but thanks for your support.
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I know you are in one hell of a position, but do NOT purchase your medication online, or overseas.  MANY times you are not getting what you think you are....and what IS in the "medication" can actually be dangerous.

My advice to you, other than to agree with what others have told you is to make an appt with a pdoc and in the meantime, contact your old doctor so that he may not only send your medical records, but to pen a letter to the new doctor indicating the length of your treatment with Valium, the reason, and that you have NO history of abusing this med.

You may have to look further into the suggestion to have your doc call it in and then transfer the script to a Pharmacy local to you.  With Valium being a controlled substance, there may be restrictions on things like that. It's worth looking into though.

Worst case scenario, I agree that you may need to go to the ER.  Are you totally out of the medication?  If so, when was your last dose.  Are you experiencing withdrawals?

I'm so sorry for what you are going through.  There will be a solution, it just may take a good bit of work to get there.  I would think that your doctor (prescribing doctor) has a responsibility to you, even if you did relocate....I would think that he would have to help you find a new doctor willing to continue the medication regimen.

Best of luck....keep us updated.  I sincerely hope you get this resolved soon.  This is a situation that should just NOT be allowed to happen.
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