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Hard time at therapy session

Hi, fellow boarders! I'm not looking for advice this time, I just wanted to share what happened to me, because writing and sharing is my natural tendency... so here it is, maybe someone can relate.

The thing is I began therapy not long ago, for a number of issues that I've had for a long time but were growing more difficult to deal with as of late. Generally speaking, I feel good about it and I think it already is helping me.

However, in my last session with the therapist, some of the exercises he made me do left me with an uneasy and not too positive feeling about myself, as in self-esteem. This being one of my weak points (maybe the weakest), I left feeling kind of down.

I was wondering if this is common, I mean, not necessarily feeling good after a session, or feeling that this is hard work! For some reason, I feel inclined to think therapy is naturally hard, but... oh well!
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Sorry to hear that. Kinda embarassing to say but I have had years of therapy for different issues and I can tell you that there are times you leave feeling down or like you said "hard work". It goes in waves like that sometimes. Ususally after you feel that way the next session in a mind blowing revelation type of session...maybe not but I think you will find you will get something out of your following session.
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i agree with em.  my therapist does the same thing and i'll leave and go "why am i paying her for me to feel bad about myself?"  but it all eventually makes sense.  stick with it!!
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To me when I get like that I feel we've made a break thru.  That my money is paying off and it's not just a paid for friend to chat with.  Your therapist should push you.  We have problems or we wouldn't be there.  Its their job to get to the root of them.  If we knew what the center of the problem was we would prob. be able to figure out ways to lessen it. So if you look at it that way then it was a good session.  Use the time till your next session to go over what you discovered and hopefully you can expand on it with him/her next time and you will progress faster.  
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therapy is likely the hardest thing any of us will ever do.
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Thanks for your comments!
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Can you say what the exercises were? What did he/she/it have you do -and why did it make you feel poorly? Please respond ASAP.
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