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Has anyone had lasting anxiety after a bad acid trip?

I have had lasting anxiety almost 2 months since i took lsd. i quit weed about a weed ago, because every time i smoked, it felt like i was going to have a bad trip again with anxiety. i’m only 18 and did lsd 3 times. i didn’t this last time by my self and maybe that’s why. i only smoked weed everyday for a year. no other drugs. some days are better then others. but some are hard to deal with. i haven’t had a panic attack in a month. but still hade lingering anxiety, that makes me feel depressed at time. is this normal.? has anyone overcome this?
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Yes, it's normal.  That's why everyone talks about bad trips.  When this drug first entered the illegal market nobody took it without a guide, then it became just another drug.  Usually it's cut with speed, which makes the high longer but also makes it harder to come down from a bad trip.  I was young when this drug was young, and most people handled it fine.  The ones I met who didn't usually took a lot of it at one time or mixed a lot of drugs together at one time.  Also, a lot of people many on this website, had their first anxiety attacks while stoned.  Whether or not it evolved into a chronic problem, and this is just my opinion as nobody really knows, is what's locked up inside of us that drugs sometimes bring out.  I'd probably not smoke weed anymore, or at least not for a long time, because it might make you feel disoriented and that's what an anxiety attack feels like, and it might push you inside yourself in a way that's not fun anymore.  Most likely, you're afraid of having an anxiety attack again.  You had a bad experience and you're expecting more of them whereas others might be better at just writing it off as a one-time thing.  If you feel this is getting to be chronic thinking, you might consider therapy or try learning some relaxation techniques such as meditation, exercise -- you know what they are.  But another thing to consider is, why did you feel it necessary in order to have fun to smoke every day?  If you got drunk every day, you'd probably wonder about that, right?  Pot should be fun, not necessary.   Anyway, most likely, no permanent damage done, if that's what you're afraid of.
i smoked everyday to have fun tbh. i was always locked up in my house with nothing to do but play xbox. i quit weed because of the lsd bad trip. now i just have lingering anxiety. some say it may heal in a couple months but mines only been 2 and a half months. i still feel like i will have this forever though..?
Look, nobody takes a drug everyday to have fun.  Not to say it isn't fun, but when you feel you have to do it every day to have fun you have a problem with the drug taking over your life.
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