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Have Anxiety and Like to Write? Here's a good idea

I have really bad Anxiety and I found out that a great idea for dealing with certain situations is to write em on my phone.  Its a good way of using your phone, other than all that other crap you may use it for.  I use it and write lyrics to songs, or i just write whats on my mind and whats about to happen at any situation like if iM going to get a anxiety from a social situation or something like that.  And the brilliant thing about doing it on your phone, is that people think you are just checking a text message or Facebook.  Try it out its a good idea.  I use the office app that came on my phone with it.
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Hi there.  What a helpful suggestion!  I'm glad you found something that helps you and it is really great that you want to share the idea with others so that they could find some therapeutic benefit from this as well.  I always have written things out when anxious.  I keep a journal  But you are right, in this tech savvy world when we have a phone on us at all times and an app we can use to record our thoughts, it would be easy to just use the phone in the way you are to feel better.  thanks for sharing!
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No problem!!!!!!!!!
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