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Have I got Anxiety or depression?

Recently I have been feeling down, I never want to do anything, I stop sleeping and I loose interest in many hobbies. I suspect this is depression although, recently My mild fear of tornados has risen to a severe fear of tornados, even if there isn't a cloud in the sky I am shaking and when I am not staring out the window to look for tornados I am checking the weather forecast to see if there is any rain, a few weeks ago I was at the pool when a storm hit we went inside and there was lighting, thunder, rain, hail and very dark clouds, I fainted when that happened and I woke up with a terrible headache. I have been scared of lightning for years but ever since then I have been trembling in fear when it starts to sprinkle. Could this be anxiety, depression or just a terrible fear
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Please I need some help!
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Hi there ,
A Psychiatrist can prescribe medication & give you a diagnosis.
I'm sorry you are experiencing so much fear.
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It could be a little bit of both or just a fear. What will help you best in my opinion is to see a therapist and try to work out strategies to combat your anxiety.
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