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Having anxiety about having anxiety?

Does anyone else have anxiety about having anxiety? I know it sounds kind of stupid, but I am pretty sure this is what I am doing. It can really create a vicious cycle of anxiety though, lol. I am really too tired right now to give a complex example, but it is like when I have anxiety I start wondering why I am having anxiety, and worry about what caused it, so then I just stress myself out more trying to figure out what caused it. Then sometimes I will worry about the physical symptoms my anxiety causes, which in turn just makes it worse. Then I worry about how to fix my anxiety, but at some point my anxiety gets so bad anything and everything just gives me more anxiety. Like I start having anxiety about using my coping skills, or taking meds, even the ones I know don't give me bad side effects. It is like I start having paranoia about everything. I am literally laughing at myself, because I can't believe I do this. So is this weird or is it something that is common to experience with anxiety?
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I understand what you're talking about. You are so right about it being a vicious cycle and I do believe many of us that have anxiety do this.
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I am also having anxiety about what kind of anxiety I have, because of my recent anxiety episode I am almost certain I have more than what I am diagnosed with. I keep wondering what it is and I can't stop thinking about it, and I can't figure it out without a therapists or doctors help, and I have been trying to get help, and can't seem to get it. I think part of my problem is not having any medical insurance coverage right now. It is like once my anxiety starts it gets stuck in a loop or something, lol. I hate this! I took some meds I hope it knocks me out, because I haven't been able to go to sleep yet.
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I googled those exact words last night!!! You are certainly not alone! This particular bout of mine is more focused on my mental health and being scared I'm never going to get better!
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Anxiety is a typical symptom, that most of the people face in their life. Exercise is the best activity, that protects you from anxiety symptom and makes you to lead a healthy life.
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Try Bach's Rescue Remedy spray. I used a similar product in Australia called Brauer's Nervatona Calm for my severe anxiety. Excellent. This helped me tremendously. Finding my many underlying causes for severe anxiety - priceless. :)
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I understand completely about not having the insurance or the money to get in a with a good psychologist, but due to the economy and how many people are being negatively affected by it, many therapists have begun seeing patients on sliding scales.  

I'm sure if you made some calls, you could find someone willing to do this.
In a major city like Wichita, there are going to be a large number of therapist. Isn't it al least worth the effort?

What you are doing to yourself now IS common, but it's not getting you out of the vicious cycle, and that is the ultimate goal for all of us.

Red_Strar wrote that she was able to use an OTC product, which helped her symptoms AND she was able to find her underlying causes for her severe anxiety. I am not doubting her claim in any way. BUT, I think she is one of the very few extradorniary people who can make it out of this alone.

I also hope the meds you took to help get some sleep were just OTC products. The very last thing those of us with anxiety need is to get involved with street drugs.

I sincerely believe that if you put your energy into this, you will find someone willing to help you.
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I have had anxiety most of my life, but diagnosed with GAD and PD in April 2005, went on a mired of meds, Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Xanax, klonopin.  I have been on Celexa for the past 5 years, with Valium as needed for panic.  Until about a year ago, this combination worked WONDERS.  Then all of a sudden I started being panicky again, like I was right back at the beginning.  The viscious cycle has owned me for the past year.  My doctor started me by adding BusPar to my regimen 10mg.  It has definitely helped a lot, but still feel anxious, but most of the time 90% of the time the anxiety never flourishes to a full blown panic attack.  I have to go back to the doc and see if there is just a need to up the buspar one more time, I know 10mg is rather low.  Good luck my dear, and you are so not alone.  There are times I feel I'm one panicky thought away from falling into an abyss of craziness because of my thoughts.  You will learn to deal with your panic and RIDE the wave.  Look up R.I.D.E. the panic wave if you have never heard of it.  It's a non med way to deal with panic.  It takes practice, but does help you regain control of your anxiety!
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Having anxiety about anxiety is exactly what an anxiety disorder is.  Everyone gets anxious, it's only when we obsess on the anxiety itself that we get this stupid disorder.
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So glad I found this post!  My anxiety has been over the roof lately because I am anxious or my anxiety.  The main thing getting to me are the physical symptoms I am experiencing.  The more anxious I get about them, the more they appear.  I can sit here and start thinking about them and sure enough...there they are!  I am tying to make myself think that by just thinking about these symptoms, and them coming on, I don't have some deadly physical condition or disease!
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I am currently having anxiety about anxiety and this is where I have ended up. I think the more I think to solve it, the less I actually solve it and the more of a problem my anxiety becomes. I've recently been interviewing for jobs and so I'm very self-conscious and aware of the fact I have anxiety and it might impact my job in some way so I think this is probably what is triggering it, but thinking about it so much is not helpful. My therapist said a while ago that anxiety cannot be solved by thinking more about it, it comes with being at peace with it and accepting it. This is where my brain sparks up and says "But that means you still have it" and the spiral goes around and around in this way. The only thing that has worked so far is to focus on doing something so much that you get fully absorbed in it and can no longer hear the thoughts you are having? I would be keen to hear any more ways of dealing with anxiety about having anxiety.... haha!
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I also found this if it is useful for anybody <3 https://www.healthyplace.com/self-help/anxiety/how-to-stop-thinking-about-your-anxiety
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This is also helpful... http://www.calmandcourageous.com/hypersensitive-anxiety-stop-checking-feel/
This is an old post, if you make a new one you might get more feedback.  But basically all chronic anxiety sufferers are anxious about being anxious -- that's pretty much the definition of an anxiety problem as opposed to being nervous about something.  I might recommend a different form of therapy called CBT -- it doesn't really care how you got this way, it just tries to teach you how you are thinking, how to change that, and then sends you out to try dealing with it.  Nothing works with any guarantee, but it is the form of therapy most thought to help anxiety sufferers.  Worth a try, because you can talk yourself to death trying to understand it, and sometimes there's just no cause of it to work on -- it just is.  But your therapist is basically telling you what any good Buddhist would tell you -- meditate and learn to accept rather than judge everything.  Easier to say than do, but perhaps with work you can get there.
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