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Head pressure and dizziness?

  I have had a crazy head pressure the past few days.  Sometimes when sitting up at the computer or in class I get this sudden jolt where it's like my head falls and I have to catch it.  It's like a split second of awful dizzy blurred feelings then it goes away and I'm left with a very tense feeling of fear.  

  I've head blood tests, EKG's, chest X-rays because I thought I was having heart problems, and they deduced it as Anxiety and Panic Disorder.  But this head feeling like my depth perception is totally gone sometimes and the momentary fainting feelings seems a bit odd..  
  I get pains in really weird parts of my body.  I've always been fine and healthy but in the past 2-3 months suddenly I have all these problems.  3 months ago roughly was the first panic attack I'd had.  and it's progressed to be worse since then.  I have less panic attacks but I have more physical symptoms.  The left arm soreness went away.  Chest tension comes and goes.  I get stomach pains, but that I assume is my acid reflux which I take meds for.  

  I am on the computer a lot for school and work.  But I'm also tired every second of the day now.  It's awful.  But the head pressure and dizziness is unbearable almost.  It was worst about 3 days ago with pains.  Now it's gone away slightly, but the pressure and jolts remain every so often.  I notice that taking a hot shower seems to make it better for a few minutes.  Laying down I feel fine.  Sometimes I jolt back awake but I think it's a fear thing..  Not really sure.  

  Has anyone experienced this as well?   I was really worried that I had mercury poisoning from tooth fillings but that's apparently been disproven.  Plus I'm not sure why it would have suddenly come on one day for a few days and seem to fade away.  
  I get the pressure on the top of my head, and right temple mostly.  Sometimes it moves to the back of my head/neck.  
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