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Hi first of all thx to all people that gives time to people to help them.
i had a pain on my head from 9 month not headache like i have been hit by a hammer on my head and many anxiety symptoms (hard breathing, fast heart beats and shaking) as i was facing very bad problems all of these symptoms disappeared from 5 month but a constant headache that doesn't go away came to me hence the headache is always different sometimes on the top of my head and some time migraine and i tried all pain killers and doesn't go  .can
1. can that headache be from anxiety?
2. can anxiety cause headache for 5 month?
3. as my doctor told me i started to take wellburton anti depression medicine can i do anything else?

Thank you all
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How long ago did you start taking Wellbutrin? It can be one of the more stimulating medications for some people. Especially people with anxiety.
Yes, anxiety and stress can cause headaches. Has your Dr done any testing to see if something else might be causing your headaches?
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I'd ask for a thyroid panel including TSH, Free T4 and Free T3 and antibodies. Thyroid disease can cause headaches and anxiety.
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i have been taking wellburting for a month but the headache appeared for 5 month and yes i did ct scan and everything was normal.
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Anxiety can come with a very long list of possible symptoms. Headaches are one of them.
The above poster is talking about your thyroid. The tests would be blood work.
Has your Dr checked you for allergies and other possible causes for your headaches?
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but can headache that caused by anxiety last for 5 month?
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You might be having migraines. I know you said you had an MRI but I'm not sure if it would show migraines. Talk to your Dr about this. He may want to send you to a specialist.
Yes, anxiety can cause headaches but they usually don't happen every single day all day long. It may be possible though.
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