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Health Anxiety need help with natural remedies

I suffer from health anxiety as soon as I get any kind of ache or pain in my mouth I start getting very anxious thinking it is something very bad.   I constantly think about it check on it such as sore red gums or sore throat, toothache etc. I go to the dentist alot to get it checked out he prob thinks I'm crazy.  I had a very bad tooth abscess once that took over 4 months and many procedures to cure.  I don't like taking medication either.  My doctor recommended Lexapro but in the past i've taken meds that either didn't help or I had side effects from them.  When I was pregnant I had problems with all three pregnancies 1 I bled alot and thought I'd have to go to OR and the 3rd one my blood pressure was very high they dropped it to much and had to be life flighted to a bigger special care hospital.  This is partly why I have health anxiety.  Does anyone have any natural remedies I can use?  Anything is much appreciated.  Sometimes I feel crazy and I hate talking to my husband about this because he gets mad sometimes and doesn't like me discussing it.  Thanks
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Yes, there are many natural remedies that might work, but I think from your post what you really need is therapy and to learn some relaxation practices, such as meditation or exercise.  Anxiety is anxiety, and finding a way to think differently is the best medicine if you can achieve that.  As for the natural remedies, get a book called Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA.  It's a good overview, though it's getting old.  Since you don't know your natural medicine, you might want to see a professional, such as a naturopath or practitioner of integrated medicine to help you. The reason for this is most often one remedy doesn't do it -- you usually have to work on different systems of the body with natural medicine as it treats the whole body, not just one symptom.  Sometimes one remedy does work, but usually not.  Good luck in your search, at least you'll learn something new.
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Oh I suffer from the same exact thing!!! Health anxiety is my weak point. I have paid more money in doctor bills then anything and its very frustrating.

I have found that yoga and meditation is HUGE. That along with working out really really helps mine as I burn off lots of extra energy. Surrounding myself with my children and snuggling, watching funny movies etc.

There are many herbal pills that are said to help too (always need to check with your primary doc before taking any supplement) Passionflower (usually in tea form), Valerian and Kava are others. I used Sleepytyme tea as well. I would help to sooth and relax.

Talk about it, talk about it to your dentist, tell him you know you are being anxious and explain why and talk to your primary care.  It really really helps.
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I have gone to therapy in the past and it did help.  My anxiety seems to come  and go I do good for awhile then it comes back when I am stressed.  I didn't have hardly any anxiety for three years. Then I got pregnant and I think the hormones and what happened to me before brought it back.  I started therapy again and it helped but then about 6 months ago I had some really bad stress family related things going on and it seemed to bring it all back.  I really don't like meds so Iwould like to go thenatural route.  Thanks for the suggestions.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem sometimes it just helps talking to people in the same situation.  I will try your suggestions.  I would do just about anything except don't really want to take meds to make these feelings go away.  Thanks for the support.
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