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Health Anxiety or disorder?

So, I am 19 years old and about 3 months ago I went to my eye doctor for a yearly check up and she found bleeding behind my left eye and referred me to a retna specialist and he told me it was unusual for someone my age to have this. He thought I was dehydrated and over exerted myself during working out. Anyway it has gotten better and I am 90 percent healed. I was kinda freaked out from that and when I went back to school I started to get headaches daily for over a month. I experienced anxiety for the first time this year when I moved into college but over a couple weeks it got better and i got adjusted to it. Now all of the sudden about 1 month ago I went home for the weekend and thats when everything changed. I started to get ringing in my ears and went to the doctor and he removed all my ear wax, but the ringing didn't go away and it was really bothering me. I kept looking it up on the internet and was freaking myself out over it. Once monday came along I woke up in the morning and vomited a couple times and then headed off to school. Then when I got to school I started looking up my symptoms which included shakiness, especially in my hands, fingers, and sometimes legs, headaches, my balance felt kinda funny, I couldn't concentrate and felt it was difficult to read without messing up some words. I thought I had a brain tumor and my parents came down to my school one weekend to rush me to the emergency room and they did a CT scan and found nothing and said everything was perfectly normal. I still felt funny when I left and for about a month and a half now I have been experiencing other symptoms. I feel like I get out of breath quickly and sometimes feel as if I can't breath. I couldn't stop researching my symptoms that would occur such as lower stomach pain and pain in my testicles and thought I had testicular cancer, went to see a doctor who did a physical examination and said there was nothing abnormal in my testicles or any lumps on my body. I think I could be suffering from anxiety, and I feel like I am constantly thinking about what could be wrong with me. I am depressed and want to live a normal life again. I find myself constantly thinking about the past, especially all the fun i had in high school. I am currently a freshman in college. So basically these are my symptoms shortness of breath easily especially while walking up stairs or with movements, sometimes I get little chest pains here and there and sometimes feel as if i have difficulty breathing, difficulty concentrating and reading, twitches in arms and legs at times, hands and finger tremors, and constant thinking of what is wrong with me. When I go to sleep I wake up numerous times in the night and feel as if i can't get out of bed in the morning because thats when the anxiety feels the worst. I went to a neurologist and he did a bunch of tests and says everything looks good but has me scheduled for an MRI next week. I was wondering if anyone has any clue on why I am feeling like this and what any possible solutions could be.
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Perhaps (I am only guessing though) you were allergic to the medicine the doctor gave you? Not sure though
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The doctor never gave me any medicine
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