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I have severe health anxiety problems.  I have been treated for this in the past along with depression.  I was on zoloft up until about a year ago.  At that time I talked with my Dr and was taken off all meds.  Since then I have been doing really well.  Then my husband and I started the process of buying a new home and my son started getting cronic ear infections.  This has sent me into a tale spin.  I am scared that something is wrong with my son, something that is supressing his immune system like cancer that is causeing him to get these ear infections.  I am constantly worried about this to the point that I cannot function during the day.  I find myself on the verge of tears almost all day.  And when I am not crying I am in a panic over the "what ifs".  I need some ways to cope.  I did call my family Dr and he called me in some adivan to take the edge off.  It helps a little but I want to be normal and be able to function during the day.  I know in my head that these thoughts are irrational but I can't stop the constant worring.  I need help.
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Hi Liz,

One of the most important things you can do for yourself ( and for your family) is to get to a therapist. It's been my experience that medication alone isnt the best way to treat anxiety... it treats the symptoms but doesn't give you the tools you need to manage it on a day to day basis.

I have written some things in my journal that have helped me with my health anxiety. Take a look .. perhaps they will help you as well.

good luck,
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Thanks... I read your journal!  I have seen a therapist.  I saw one for years and it seemed to help and it did help for a while.  I tried to make an appt with her agian and she had moved practices and now I really don't want to start over with someone else.  Not may therapist understand hypocondria or take it seriously, it is very serious to me.  I just feel at the end of my rope...
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I know how difficult it is to start with someone new ... but it's necessary. Right now you aren't only dealing with anxiety but seems to be some depression in there as well. The worst that can happen when you start with someone new is that you don't "click" . But you won't know until you try. In the meantime will your family doctor put you back on the zoloft?
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