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Health anxiety

hey im 17 and im about to head to college soon  but my anxiety is killing me

if i read or hear about any disease i freak out and i think i have it if i get a headache ( i think its a stroke) if i  get stomache pain (i think its celiac ) if if i cough i think its (hearache) if anything  hapen in my body i gets anxious about it even if its normal

i remember ive gone to emergency twice cuz i had a pain in my rib i thought it was a heart attack and id all tests and the doctor told me im just anxious and didnt belive him and went tot he internet and i thought ih ad cancer

and ithought before i had arthritis and even dibates and two days ago there was a tv show about a mental illness whe nu have to charctars and i kept thinking that i have it

im anxious about any disease or mental disease or even takin meds i dont even take Tylenol cuz im scared of the side effects lol -_-

i talked to a family doctor on instagram he told me to go to therapist and he said i need medication i freaked out and i started crying and i told me my mom and she told me to block him

im rlly scared if its gonna keep go like this for the rest of my life .. im 3 months away from college and didnt sign up for anything yet cuz im scared of this anxiety

please help T___T  
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oh btw i remember when i was in school i had a headache and i thought i had a heartattack so i got panic attack and went to the principle office and told him i dont feel got and i feel like im going to faint (and there was many teachers ) it was so freakin awkward

my vitamin d was 4ng i took pills for 1 month and now its 26
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You have a VERY intense health anxiety issue, also known as hypochondria, and your family doctor was spot on to advise you to get into therapy!

If you are not leaving for college for three months, you can make some real headway into overcoming this disorder in that time. I strongly urge you to speak to your parents about this and if need be, bring in the doctor who recommended the therapy.

This disorder will not just go away on its own and COULD escalate into other mental health problems.

If you go off to college with this issue weighing you down, you will not be able to focus on your studies and that would be a real waste.

PLEASE get the help you need. What you have is very common, especially among young people...........but the good news is that it's highly treatable.

I wish you the very best dealing with this
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omg u are scaring the hell out me right now

we dont have  a good therapists in my country they will just giveu a pill and tell u to go as much as i know

btw i was so calm cuz i talked to people who have the same issue on 7cupoftea.c om

and im so calmed and i felt way better almost out of my anxiety and then i did read ur comment and im now im in panic and im sad again
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Relax and take some deep breaths.   Sounds like your feel anxiety about anxiety.   Make an appointment to have a complete physical.   You don't know what exactly is causing this.   But there is medication for anxiety that can really help you.  First go find out it's not something else.   People don't normally feel this way.   When you go to the ER they do tell you to see your doctor for follow up.  What are you waiting for.  Follow up and if your doctor refers you to a therapist for further observation.....go.   Don't make yourself miserable.   You can get help and now is a good time to do it.
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the heart attack and things like that were in the past

its just when i read about any disease symptoms i get  anxious that i have it

and if i have any normal pain like headache  or upsest stomach i think that i have cancer or stroke

i dont get pain

and yes when i went to the er  they got me to follow a doctor

and he  did tests and etc and he told me its just ur anxious
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i mean if link me a disease symptom like brain cancer or eye cancer

ill keep checking my eye and ill freak out and think that i have the disease
until someone confess me that i dont have it then i relax

^this how im right if u didnt understand cuz what u said is way different than what i meant ..

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