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I have found some long lumps directly under my sternum one on the left and the other a little lower on the right, I am researching but I can't find anything that will reassure me that I am OK. My doctor won't see me until the covid lockdown is over. I did manage to speak to the doctor and she said not to worry about it and to see her when the surgery reopens. That could be weeks and I am so worried. I am constantly checking the lumps and I am sure it is cancer.
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Okay, first thing to do is breath!  Seriously, you are getting yourself worked up sweetie.  You've spoken to a doctor.  This should reassure you.  If they were concerned, they'd want to see you sooner.  They are not concerned.  Anxiety is such that our mind starts spiraling.  Going to worst case scenario or envisioning horrible things is part of health anxiety.  And since we are in anxious times due to the pandemic, it seems like it is worse for some people.  I doubt the bumps or whatever you are feeling are anything to worry about.  This isn't your breast that you've found a lump but your chest area? This is most often inflammation.  But what can you do to alleviate the anxiety?  Breathing exercises, exercise in general, meditation with an app like calm or headspace, yoga, all may help soothe you.  A virtual therapist until you can get out again.  Stop checking yourself.  You are most likely fine based on your doctor's opinion and when you can get this checked for sure, do so.  good luck and try to stay calm!
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By the way, if you have GAD and OCD, what are you doing to treat those?  Are you on medication?  
Thank you so much for your response. Yes I am on 40mg fluxotine. I know you are right. I do feel a lot better now. When I get very bad I forget my coping stratagies  and it spirals. It got so bad last night I was looking at my partner thinking "how will he cope if I die. Im now accepting the feelings and not following them or feeding them by checking and this us calming me down a lot. God, anxiety is so exhausting, I just wish I could get a break. Thank you so much xxx
I would just add, if you get this anxious regularly then your medication isn't working all that well.  Do you still get this anxious regularly?  If so, you might want to consult with your psychiatrist and see if he or she suggests a different med for you.  If this is an exception and overall you're doing well, then don't do that.  Also, I don't know if you live in an urban are or a hot spot for the virus or what, but not all medical practices are closed.  You might find a different practice within your insurance is still seeing patients, if you want to risk exposure to covid patients to go there.  My practice was still open last time I checked despite my state being in lockdown.
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Somebody, please help me. I can't stop checking if they are lumps or intestines or what. I am making myself sore from poking around and I don't know what to do until I can get to the doctor
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I have GAD and OCD, so not sure if this is health anxiety or I am right to be so worried. I can't think about anything else. Please help me
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