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Health anxiety?

Hi guys, first time posting here. So I have Generalized Anxiety, and some health anxiety. My main concern with my health has been my heart. I had my first panic attack in November and since then I have not been the same. I used to be very fit. I would run 2 miles a day. Go hiking and never be indoors. After my panic attack that all changed. I started having chest pains. Palpitations, stinging pains. Burning chest sensations, ants in my chest, and recently really bad head pains, headaches, tension headaches and sometimes pain that is localized and comes and goes as it pleases. Ive had about 7 EKGs, blood tests, which on one was found my cholesterol was a bit high but manageable. By the way I'm 22, supposedly to young to be having heart problems without family history of any kind of heart trouble. I've also had an echo done and was found it was normal. I'm going back in a week to the cardiologist for a follow up. Hopefully everything will be fine. I might do a stress test to rule everything out once in for all. Like I said recently I've been having these weird head pains. Shooting cold pains. Pains behind my eye. One sided pains. Really bad tension headaches that last for days. These occur when I'm really stressed. But other times they just come. Recently I had a really dull pain come and 2 minutes later it was gone. Just like that. But those 2 minutes were horrible. I felt really bad and panicy and I didn't know what to do I just wanted to punch something or scream. I'm thinking it's my anxiety but sometimes I don't know anymore. I've gone to my doctor like so many times already he probably thinks I'm crazy. Has anyone else experienced this before?
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My first time to and I'm looking for answers as well I went to the doctors in May with what I thought was heart problems.  Weird rythum out of place beating etc.. He did and EKG and said everything was normal did blood work said everything was good except my chlorestoral was a little high but nothing to be worried about.  So he prescribed me CELEXA 10mg and I have take. It at all.  I'm sacred of the side effects and possible worsened anxiety. My head won't stop running constant constant thoughts running. And it comes every now and then but it seems like it's happening more often.  I wanna take the medication but again he prescribed it to me and didn't even say what he was prescribing nor talked with me about it.  So I left a message this morning asking if he can get back to me and convince me that it will be fine.  I just wanted to message to say ur not alone and I'm not alone.  I just wanna be normal again
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Yes your not alone I'm a 24 year old male I was hospitalized for a panic attack at last Feb. My heart rate was 190 for 8 hours. A year and a half later I'm dealing with several anxiety and also a hypochondriac. But I take herbs to cure symptoms of onset . First and foremost disease and disorders especially anxietthe start in the gut. Harmful bacteria example like candida can cause it. Your cortisol levels are too high so take herbs like various adaptagens lower cortisol levels dramatically. My favorite adaptagen is rodiola Rosea. And also try passion flower.your heart is fine after it gets checked out get a physical and  see if your deficient in anything. Magnesium potassium and calcium are the muse need minerals for the heart especially magnesium and potassium. Try getting magnesium  citrate it will help with blooder pressure and calm nerves . Hawthorne is also what I would take as well very good for a steady heartbeat. Nascent iodine is safe to take everyday and good for the adrenal glands and organs take it after a couple weeks of taking rhodiola Rosea. You need to cut cortisol levels down big time and reamp the adrenal glands. They might be fatigued. If you don't get natural products and do not research anxiety the right way doctors will prescribe you hardcore mess which you don't want trust me they don't do a thing but mask the problem lr.make.it worse. Be healthier inside the body by taking natiral stuff you will have a healthier mind believe it thanks
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