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Health insurance question

Ok I applied for Medicaid health insurance about 2 And an half months ago, so when i filled the application out it gave me theses questions, income job title and how much I'm paying for rent bills and other things and since I have no job and have no income I put all 0's and asked me where I'm living at so I put my girlfriend grandparents house whom I've lived with for about a year now cause my girlfriend lives here with them so basically I live with my girl anyway , they sent me a form 2 days ago stating they I need proof of where I live how much I'm making from my job and what I'm paying for in the house hold. I though I answered all the questions from the first application I filled out and now they are asking the same stuff again c'mon bro. Idk what to do cause my girl it getting upset not at me but at theses people cause of this crap. If anyone has had this happen to them like this or can give the best advice to me on working to get my health insurance finally I would really appreciate it thank you. On the side note I am trying to get this so I can get help for my panic attacks cause I never got help for it cause I fear that I'm gonna die or go crazy and they'll end up putting me in the psych ware that's my big fear hospitals and see for this long messages but I doing this for myself so I can live life without being scared?
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Look, just provide what they're asking for -- it's required and you can't talk them out of doing the bureaucratic thing.  Insurance whether dealing with private enterprise or with the gov't is complicated, and they have to get it right.
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Wasn't exactly the same from it was a different one and things need from me like mail of where I live from my employee, but that's the thing I don't even have a job and also they're asking about ssi forms which I'm not even on.
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They probably DO require proof of address, which could be given by submitting any kind of bill in your name with that address on it.  

I think your best bet is to call them and ask specifically what they need from you and where you're at in the approval process.  I agree with IL above that this can sometimes be a lengthy process, and there is no guarantee your application will be approved.

Are you on disability?  When was the last time you had a job?  Are you LOOKING for a job?  

Tell your GF that there isn't much to do except provide them with the requested info and then wait.  Sure it's frustrating, but honestly, it's not something worth stressing over as it's out of your control.

While you're waiting, contact your county's human services department (or similar) and find out what's available to you in terms of free or low cost mental health treatment.  Those kinds of agencies can usually be found in the "blue" pages of your phone book, where those kinds of services are listed, or a result of a google search.  

There will absolutely be resources available to you, you just have to do some searching.  The county I live in offers a community based mental health treatment program that includes psychiatrists, therapy, family therapy, child/teen psych help, etc.  

Everyone is required to apply for assistance, all they basically need is a copy of the welfare form indicating what kind of coverage that person has, or a denial letter, in which case they still offer services at a very affordable rate, and they are very flexible with payment plans.  They will literally allow a patient to be seen, even if they can only afford to put a dollar or two towards their bill.  I would encourage you to look into what's available in your county.  I guarantee you there is something similar.  It would be great for you to get the ball rolling rather than just waiting on the Medicaid, as that can take a while.

Best of luck, let us know how it turns out.
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   If the new form was the same as the one they sent before they may
have sent it in error. It might be worthwhile to contact them. If the form
was different in regards to the specifics of the proof of the information it requested that may be one reason. However  it should provide
the information on the form that explained. You can contact
the local office that you are dealing with or if they haven't assigned
you to one yet the national toll free information number. That number
would be on their website.
   The application process sometimes takes some time.
If you are denied at any point the decision can be appealed.
As long as you meet the eligibility criteria and have the specific
proof they need it shouldn't be a concern.
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