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Heart Phobia, Panic Disorder and GAD

I have been thinking about giving ativan a shot. I have been on the big
three....Valium, Klonopin, and Xanax. They all worked great for my anxiety
and almost unbearable inner tension but pooped out on me after a number of
years. I am still taking valium in addition to lexapro but the valium IMO
has lost most of its effectiveness. Perhaps my brain needs a few years away
from all benzos to allow my receptors to reset...IDK. Has anyone else here
had these type problems from their meds? Meditation and light exercise help
but just not enough. I also have a cardiac phobia and the anxiety and
tension center around my heart area. Imagine being scared of the organ
inside your body that keeps you alive. Pppl can avoid spiders and snakes if
they are afraid but you have to live with your heart and other critical
internal organs. The benzos work but you go thru literal hell when they quit working.
You anxiety and panic are intensified by 100 fold if you ever decide to withdraw even
using an ultra slow withdrawal schedule. They say heroin w/d is a walk in the park
compared to trying to say coming off xanax or klonopin and i believe it b/c I experienced
it firsthand. Now, to think I am actually considering ativan with all the hell my CNS has
been thru using benzos for over 20 years.
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I, too, have heart phobia...I know how frustrating it is...(sigh)

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