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Heart anxiety

I'm 20 year old male pretty muscularly fit but not in shape if that makes sense any sense. But I've been dealing with anxiety for the past 2 years now and my symptoms have varied widely but many around my heart. I'm generally worried about my heart Ive had sharp chest pains that come and go rapid pounding heart beat out of nowhere even without panic.. Anyone else experience this before and I've also been getting very little sleep in generally wake up still tired. Just like today I'm riding in the car I worked out maybe 2 hours before. And I sitting in the car and out of nowhere my heart just starts racing and pounding.. Does this sound like lack of sleep and stress and anxiety all in one????
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I responded to your last post earlier today..........have you read that?

If you have further questions, we'll be glad to respond, but it helps if you read the advice you've already been given.
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I have not seen your post?
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I'm very much like you. The Anxiety Guru has an ebook that deals with heart fears. I recommend it!
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