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Heart anxiety

Hi my name is Chris I'm 20 years old pretty fit but I've been dealing with heart anxiety for about to years and I've had just about any and every symptom you can have that's heart related. In the pasted I've had multiple ekgs and blood test and chest xrays done all normal but I still couldn't let it go. So I went to my regular doctor and he listened to my heart and said "your heart sounds strong and healthy but he done a EKG just for piece of mind. Which I do feel a lot better now but today I started doing some jump ropes and I got this strange kind of itchy feeling in lower middle part of chest so I stopped.. Is this normal anxiety related??
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Heart anxiety is fairly common. I have dealt with it on and off since I was a kid, and still do to this day. The Anxiety Guru has a free ebook on the subject that I found very helpful. But consider this: you're 20 years old! So it's incredibly unlikely that you have heart disease. And you've had lots of EKGs and other tests that haven't shown anything. If you had some kind of heart issue, it would have been detected by now. Resolve today to stop worrying about your heart. It knows what it's doing and will take care of you. Eat healthy foods, don't smoke, get exercise, and you'll be fine.
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I had the same issue and the first thing the doctor did when I told him "i can feel my heart beat sometimes really hard and fast" ..he sent me to get my heart and thyroid levels checked. I ended up having heart palpitations and hyperactive thyroid.
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Yes, it could be anxiety. All these strange feelings is all in our mind, try ignoring it. Do exercise daily and eat healthy.
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Try meditation and healthy eating, take care of your health and do exercise everyday. Take proper medication and therapy to get rid of anxiety issues.
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