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Heart anxiety

Hi my name is Chris I'm 20 years old pretty fit with good muscle tone. Now I've been dealing with Heart anxiety for about 2 years now I've had normal ekgs normal blood test and xrays the doctors even listened to my heart and said it sounds beautiful.. I just can't seem to let it go I've been doing good until I went to the movies and out of nowhere I got really hot and my heart just started pounding/racing out of nowhere is this my anxiety that is causing this!??
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I would say yes it's from anxiety. I've had diagnosed anxiety for 10 years but really I've had it as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager I was always afraid of having a heart attack for no particular reason. Every time I would go in a movie theatre I would get really anxious and have a racing heart. And I'd never eat popcorn because I was afraid I'd choke and die. Lol seriously anxiety is awful. The physical symptoms and mental stoms are hard to deal with and to overcome.
And for whatever reason now I always get lightheaded and hot and sweat when i go in a Walmart.
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I feel your pain its just pretty crazy how your mind can create all of these things! Lol
It is amazing
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All of this is anxiety ....  If you keep thinking about it the worse it will get .. Try to relax accept they your heart is healthy and live your life ..
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