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Heart anxiety

I'm 20 years old male pretty bad history with heart anxiety I've normal multiple ekgs and blood work and normal xrays my regular doc even listened to my heart and said it sounds beautiful and done a EKG on me which was normal. But last night I was feeling extremely anxious and checked my blood pressure and it read 140/97 and 150/97 and I went to er and everything was normal except my last bp was 157/97 even after given bp med if it's anxiety related would the bp meds not work?
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Really looking for someone who had experience
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Well I believe it depends .. Because I'm 25 and I take bp meds bvausw of my diet but since I've been eating a little better and using less salt my blood pressure has been better ... Do you eat with a lot of salt?  But yes anxiety and stress can make the blood pressure go up.. Trust me I know I think you should go on a 30 min power walk to release some stress and accept that you will be fine ..
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And to answer your question yes sometime when we stress over things  our bp can still go up even if we took the pill I believe we stress over our hearts to much I'm still stressing over it  still till today it's been 5 years and I'm still with this cardiophobia ..     But enough about me try to relax you can always private message me if you like
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Thank you so much this has really helped me alot and today my blood pressure was 114/74 which is my normal
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Yessssss .. How are you feeling today ?
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I am feeling alright today just tired and a tad bit anxious
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Pri ate message me.
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I have dealt with heart anxiety for quite some time, so I know what you're going through. I also have high BP but I'm 52, overweight, have a stressful job, don't exercise, and have panic disorder!

Your BPs are not at all unusual for a person who is under stress and dealing with anxiety. I once measured my systolic number at 173 when I was in a near panic state at a grocery store using one of those BP kiosks. My advice is to put away your BP device. Better yet, donate it to charity. But get rid of it because you need to stop monitoring your BP. You are 20 years old for goodness sake. Your heart is fine, but your head is messed up with worry about your heart. Beginning today, stop obsessing over your heart. It knows what it's doing. Instead, focus on living and enjoying life. Because right now you're making yourself miserable. If you can't do this by yourself, seek help from a therapist. Wait until you're older to worry about your heart. For now, just live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life.
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