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Heart racing at doctors office?

I've been suffering with anxiety for about 10 years now, and for some reason everytime i go to the doctors office i get really nervous especially when they take my vitals. BP is always fine but my heart rate is always soo fast , . Once i'm out the doc office my heart rate goes back to normal. I hate it so much but i can't control it . I had to go to get a physical for a job and when they check my pulse it was 140, then 120 . Does this happen to anyone else? Please help??
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Yes this happens to me all the time, we have something called 'white coat syndrome', it is a fairly common occurance.  It is literally the fear of being aroung anything medical or having anything medical done to us.  For some people doing relaxation exercises, deep breathing and making sure you have ate and drank before attending the appointment can help.  If though it becomes debiltating in that you start to avoid and miss apointments because of fear, then therapy should be sought.
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It's called "White Coat Syndrome" and it's very real and very common. Most of us get a bit nervous at the doctors and often our BP and heart rates will be elevated. Most doctors have a very good understanding of this and will retake your BP when the exam is over. 99% of the time, your vitals will be closer to their normal range, but they may still be slightly elevated until you get out of the office!
For those of us with anxiety or panic, we are more prone to this than a lot of people.
I would suggest the next time you're at your doctors, discuss this with him/her. What many doctors will do is have you lie on the examination table for a few minutes taking nice, slow deep breaths and then the nurse will retake your BP and check your pulse. My guess is you will see a remarkable difference. If the doctor doesn't suggest this, then ask!
Your reaction, while it may be a bit frightening to you, won't harm you and as I said, it is very, very common. I bet you could even Goggle it!
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I have this problem too. I went to get a drivers physical at MedExpress (they were not helpful, just go straight to a primary care physician instead) my pulse was 180. They wanted me to go to the ER, I didn't because it's never that high outside of doctors visits. I ended up trying to pass my drivers physical four times. The doctor ordered an ekg, Holter Monitor, echocardiogram, and blood work. I even tracked my pulse outside of the visits. They couldn't find any problems they told me it was just nervousness about visiting the doctor. I have found that it helps if you see a doctor that you're comfortable with. I switched doctors, and my pulse is a bit lower because i'm more comfortable with my new doctor. It is also helpful to lay down and take deep breaths and then have them check your pulse. I also recommend telling the doctor that you're nervous because then they can try to comfort you.
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I also have this same problem. No matter how much deep breathing and trying to relax it is always 120-140 at every doctor visit. It’s so frustrating to me. It’s always around 80 at home. It’s nice to know it happens to other people as well. I guess it’s just something I cannot control however much I want to!
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