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Heavy head + Vision problems

Hi everybody,

It's my first time posting on a forum and I'm sorry if my question has already been answered, but I suppose we all need to be reassured individually.

To make a long story short - a few weeks ago I was promoted to a huge job in my company.
I'm 30 years old and so far have coped well (or so it seemed) with the tremendous amount of stress that I am exposed to. But the day after my promotion I woke up with a vertigo (that never came back) and ever since I can't get rid of the following symptoms - heavy headedness (but not headache), the feeling of pressure in my temples and most importantly, things getting slightly out of focus, my eyes having a hard time adjusting when I move around my head quickly and slight lightheadedness that never really becomes uncontrollable, but is still very frustrating, because I don't feel that I'm in full control of my body.

I've never experienced any of those symptoms before and I went to see my doctor who said it's anxiety and gave me magnesium and sent me on my way. I went to an ophtalmologist and optometrist and they said I have astigmatism, checked my retina and found nothing that relates to a tumor. They also said I'm probably exhausted and oddly enough said I might have eye problems because of my shoulders and recommended me to see an osteopath (we're in France).

However, the feeling just won't go away and here I am, sitting in the middle of the night panicking that I have something incurable and thinking of going to see a neurologist.

I've noticed that when I am working and in the middle of a lot of things at the same time I forget about the condition, but then it comes back with a vengeance.

Has anybody experienced something like this? I'm fine with anxiety, I just pray it's not something worse…
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This sounds vascular, a mild form of migraine.  Migraines often follow a stressful period when you begin to relax -- the blood vessels constrict when you're under stress, and as you relax the ones in the head open up first while the extremities remain constricted, forcing pressure onto the head.  This leads to nausea for some and blurry-like vision disturbances followed by a horrid headache, but sometimes I would just get what I call "migrainy," meaning some of the symptoms but without the headache.  My problem was largely solved by a doctor referring me to learn meditation, and that did the trick.  Along with exercise, it tends to even out the blood flow even if you stay an anxious or stressed person.  Basically, you need to learn to relax, easier to say than to do.
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