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Ok so I have suffered with anxiety for a long time it becoming much worse 4 years ago when I lost my 62 year old father to cancer! Ever since I watched him pass I'm deathly afraid of doctors my heart will face my Bp will be sky high but if I can try to calm myself down Bp is normal. Recently I had a back surgery minor microdiscetomy but the weeks leading to surgery I was having full blown panic Attacks daily! Then after the surgery I was still anxious about something going wrong like infection ... But I went to my surgeon everything turned out great from surgery! But now I'm still anxious daily and I've developed a new symtom my face feels like it's on fire! It's not red just feels really hot like so hot I need cool air. I've taken my temp cause it feels like I have one but it's all normal temps.
Why do I feel like there is always something medically wrong with me? Is this hot face feeling anxiety???
I am fine when I'm sleeping them it's on my mind from the moment I awake and if I focus on it it gets much hotter??? I'm at my breaking point with this anxiety I really can't live like this anymore. Please help!  
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I am so glad the surgery on the back was successful.  What a relief for you.  I do hope you are in less pain now with your back.  

Anxiety is so difficult, as everyone on this site knows.  At least we can find some support here.  There are so many physical problems too, like your face feeling so hot.  I think we all have different physical aches and pains with our anxiety.  Are you taking medication?
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Yes no back or leg pain anymore since the surgery! It is great!
Now If I could just stop thinking about my hot face. Yes I take Xanax as needed for anxiety but I have been on them for so long I don't think they really help me much anymore.
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