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Help Panic attacks or anxiety attacks??

Okay so I posted something earlier about my panic anxity attacks......can you have panic attacks all day like lil ones I mean I constantly feel like I am going to pass out almost 24/7....its really irratating since I hav a 9 month old and I could be just fine playing with her and then all of a sudden I feel my body gt hot and I feel like I am just going to collapse......I get weird strange pains in my head is this normal??? Uhhhh I hat ethis I can not live like This I want me back.....I did have  hormone in balance after I had my daughter and I started getting better around  5 months.....my husband left for over seas and returns in 2 weeks I just started getting these weird attacks I feel lik this constantly and I don't know what to do I try to kp myself busy and it only helps for so long and then when an attack come outa nowhere thats all I think about and I am freakin either jittery all day even from the time I wake up ......I went to the ER for just regular left chest pain when I breathed in and they said I had pulled a muscle and while I was there I ended up having my very first attack and they didn't know what to say they took all my blood xrays echocardiagram everything but an MRI and they said everything looked good and they were going to put me on a heart monitor for a month starting tomorrow to rule out anything.....anyways if anything is concerning in the next month by the cardiologist then they will make me an appointment to do more test but othr than that I feel like I am in constant far that I am just going to drop dead :( I don;t want to feel this way.....and I can't take any drugs or anything while they have me on the heart monitor so I have to wait I feel freakin crazy!! I feel like I am in dream world more than half the day! I just want to know is it weird or uncommon to have panic attacks I mean out of now where and constantly feel droozy dizzy and or feel like your going to pass out???  all th time I have a baby to take care of and I am not that stressed I stay home for goodness sake...other than my husband returning in two weeks I just have the fear of dying or him dying and I wont get to see him.....anyways please give me your advice!! Like I said I get the sharp pains in my brain to is that related to stress or panic attacks? O and when I was in the ER all they said Was you might have SVT or you just have anxiety they weren't sure at that point...but I have atleast one big attack a day and the rest of the day I have like lil ones and feel jittery inside!! The only time I feel normal is when I excrsice and get my heart rate up!
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If you feel good while exercising then this is more than likely anxiety causing panic attacks.  What happens with a panic attack is your brain sends out the "fight or flight" signal, but at the wrong time.  This floods your body with adrenaline which is needed in a "fight or flight" situation, so it has nothing to do when it occurs at the wrong time, and this is why we get hot, dizzy,shaky, scared....a panic attack.  When exercising you are using this adrenaline and this is why you feel better.  The busier you stay physically and emotionally the better off you are during panic attacks. It's difficult to say if your head pain is anxiety related, as it presents in many ways and at every level.  You need to rule out other problems first, just like you are doing. Although you cannot take medication at this time, it would be a good idea to start some therapy to get to the root of your anxiety, and to learn coping and relaxation skills.  If your heart is fine, and it turns out to be anxiety, you will have a head start and may also need medication.  Only a professional can tell you if this is anxiety and if you need medication and which is best for you.
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