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Help Plz x

Hello i am a 23 year old female and lately i have been feelin sorta scared all the time i feel shakey can feel dizzy and sick and i have terrible cheat pains .. pains down my arms & pain in the top of my back it is completely terrifing me i keep thinking im gonna die or have a heart attack it scares me so bad i also ache alot & have trouble sleeping.

Am i to young for this ? Am i going crazy or overboard im so scared.

Also would like say i have battled depression for 2 years now is this linked ?

Lastly does any1 else have these symptoms its been about a month now since this randomly started and the chest pains scare me pretty bad my breasts sometimea ache as well does any1 else suffer like this or is there something wrong with me ??

Sorry for rambling on plz help !!
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well I don't have much to add or... help.. since I'm waiting to see a doctor for my anxiety/ibs issues (do you have gut issues at all?)

anyway... I know all the way up to 28 years old I could do anything...date fly.. travel.. anything.. I had anxiety but I handled it fine (for example wiping my hands on my pants before shaking someone's hand or.. always knew I could leave at any point out of a situation...)

But then all the sudden I had super bad anxiety/depression/insomnia - and it all came from my reaction from gluten/fructose (food intoelrances pop up late in life...and allergies so...possibly something you crave might be giving you issues...) so there's enviromental things that might get ya... dairy..gluten..

I also know - like just like your sleeping pattern - if you stay up late and night reading or watching TV you'll have a hard time sleeping....well the same thing happens is if you totally go non-social and hide in your house all day - the time you want to go out your brain will freak out... so there's habits that can lead up to anxiety...

chest pains... that's something to get checked out - you could be dealing with acid reflux.. next time you do get those pains maybe pop a pepto bismal or drink some milk or ice cream when you have this attack..and see what happens.. might be some sort of ulcer or h.pylori thing...

ORRR another goofy idea.. you might have some issue with your gallbladder - i know sometimes that can cause pain..so go on a diet of low low low super low fat diet and then after 3 or 4 days eat donuts ice cream you name it and see if you get this attack (might have gallstones..)

another thing you COULD try.. cheap thing to try with your anxiety/depression is some simple 5htp...just don't take it with antidepressants (bad bad bad..) but a simple cheap thing you can buy at the grocery store.

anyway just some ideas... good luck :(
(but yeah totoally anxiety depression are both linked to seretonin levels tanking.. if all fails maybe a trip to the doctor and maybe try a SSRI...)


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Hi. I was feeling the same as you. I think you may be having panic attacks? I quite new to this and am trying to find answers of my own. First off, try to calm yourself. I know it may be hard, but do breathing exercises. I read online about a 4-7-8 exercise that helped to a point in the beginning. Focus on your breathing, inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7, and exhale slowly and deeply for 8. Count them out to distract yourself, this should hopefully give you some relief.

I went to my doctor two days because of my anxiety, bad thoughts, and what I believe is insomnia and he said I was suffering from panic attacks. He prescribed .5mg of Klonopin 1-2x a day and Celexa. The Klonopin calmed me down but my mind was still wide awake - I was just not thinking of anything. I didn't take any of the pills yesterday, so I can't say if they are effective or not (but that's because of other issues I need to talk out).

If you need immediate help, I would say go to a doctor for immediate relief and find a mental health center that provides counseling or other services to help you deal with this. They'll let you know if you need help, treatment, and so on.

And I'll tell you what I try to tell myself every moment: YOU WILL BE OKAY, EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY, THIS IS JUST TEMPORARY, YOU WILL BE YOURSELF ONCE AGAIN, AND IF NOT WILL LEARN HOW TO COPE, BUT EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. Write down your feelings, talk to someone, try not to be alone or stay home all the time, distract yourself with schoolwork or other things. Just writing this makes me feel better.

I didn't know about the allergies Matthew007 mentioned. That is something I need to look into, but without insurance, it will be kind of difficult for me. But where there's a will there's a way. Everything will be okay. Good luck Becky and please post your progress.
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Thank u 4 ur comments im going to see doctor this week will keep u posted x
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