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Help Pristiq newbie

Hi Im a 28 yr old female just had a baby 4 months ago i started takin pristiq 50 mg in September because i fell into bad postpartum depression and suffered horrible anxiety my whole pregnancy.. After taking it I started feling okay I think it was more me wanting to feel better. Now for the past 3 wks or so ive had horrible hot flashes and for about 2 wks i have really bad nightmares, also bn feeling on edge again i have mood swings outta no where, breast tenderness as well hmm wonder if that has anything to do with it but just throwing it out there. I was wondering if maybe I could go off Pristiq cold turkey here in my VERY small town in NV the doctors arent very helpful with mental health my whole pregnancy my cries for help went unheard untill i drove myself to the ER after i had my baby because i was afraid i would do something stupid. Idk what to do i want to be normal but I really dont know what that is anymore I bn suffering anxiety and panic attacks since i was 18 i feel so lonely.
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Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Pristiq is not the only antidepressant out there. You have many to choose from if you do need them. If it were me, I would talk to my Dr first before I quit taking them. He might suggest a tapering program. Pristiq is one of the meds I have never taken so I really don't know that much about it. I do know that I've had to wean off of other antidepressants to keep from going through withdrawal. The symptoms your having could very well be side effects from this med. Usually side effects happen in the beginning but they can happen at any time. Hopefully someone that has experience with this med can give you better advice. Hang in there though. If you feel like you need an antidepressant you have others to choose from that might work great for you.
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Thanks for the advice Im going to call my doctor today and cross my fingers he helps out!
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