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Help for my anxiety

I have been on Paxil (20 mg) for the last 9 months.  I had a huge weight gain on this medication so my dr swapped me to propranolol (20 MG three times a day).  I have taken this medicine for 7 days now and I'm not sleeping.  I'm very anxious at night.  Night sweats are terrible.  My heart hurts; it's not pounding or racing though.  I still have ativan but I'm scared to take it because I don't know how this propranolol is works.  Any suggestions?
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Did you slowly taper off the Paxil first?  Or did your doctor just switch you?  What you're describing can be withdrawal from Paxil, as it's the antidepressant that's the hardest to stop taking, and insomnia one of the most common lasting withdrawal effects.  Not saying it's not the new drug, but you don't mention if you properly stopped the Paxil before switching.  Also, at least according to what I've read, beta blockers tend to work best with social anxiety and performance anxiety.
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