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Help is there anyone who manages anxiety with out Medz?

Help is there anyone who manages anxiety without Medz?
If there is how? I have been trying different medz for months now and none of them help at all this last one I tried has made me 50 times worse then I was before I started taking it. So I am done I need to find some way to get better with out so if anyone can please help. My anxiety is so bad now it lasts all day long everyday. I feel dizzy and out of breath and pains in my chest its awfull it has totally messed up my life I miss work all the time now and my whole summer has been me staying home becasue I never feel good. I have been to a ton of doctors and have had a ton of tests and they all say its anxiety so I guess it is. How can it make me feel so sick everyday? anyway if anyone can help. Thank you
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Anxiety can make you sick with many physical symptoms the result of your brain releasing certain chemicals.
I suffered for many years but finally came to realize that the way I think and react to my surroundings became nothing more than a very bad habit.    And bad habits while not easy to break,  can be changed if you put in enough effort.
What is it that you are afraid of?     What is the worse that can happen?    Are you afraid that you might die of a heart attack?   Well if you passed all your tests with flying colors than make it a new habit to be grateful you are in good health.
It will take some effort but change the way you think about yourself and your surroundings.
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Thank you I will have to try to change the way you think. Its really hard thats for sure.
and yes I am afraid that I am going to die that is myy biggest fear of leaving my kids
with no one. Thanks again
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it makes you feel like rubbish dont it,but there are other ways of beating it try a theripist yoga,breathing exercise,family and friends can be a big help,i find sitting around on your own invites the symptoms as you are just thinking about it all the time,i know its hard but trying to do things and keeping busy helped me,i hardly ever gets attacks now.
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Thank you I am now seeing a theripist for only 3 weeks now so I am hopeing it will help
A few people have told me the samething about keeping busy and its very hard for me to get past the way I feel and do things.
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it is hard but determination is the key just think how bad do you want your life back
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There are many ways to relieve anxiety without meds. In my experience, the best method to do that is cognitive behavioral therapy. You can read about CBT for anxiety here, hope it helps:
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