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Help to sleep without feeling anxious!!

I take a low dose of lexapro but recently due to things going on in my life.. I feel very anxious at night before falling asleep.  How can I get rid of this without  increasing my  meds?
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I have also taken Lexapro and plenty other meds! One thing that my doc suggested that is non-addictive and the most natural sleep aid is melatonin. You can get it at any pharmacy, wal-mart, or grocery store. It's normally where all the vitamins are. For me it took about a week or so for it to start working, but soon helped me to fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Hope this helps ♥
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On my bad nights I take xanax along with my Zoloft to help me get through my bad patch. You can also try meditation before bed, listening to meditation music (on my IPod I have the ocean with a flute in the background, totally relaxing) and making sure you get a good long walk/run in a few hours before bed. Make your body and mind tired.

I too have days when I hit rough patches, you will be just fine xoxo
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Breathing helps me alot. I struggle with falling asleep every single night due to my anxiety. I lay on my back and just focus on my breathing real deeply. Clear your head and just breathe in and out and say some prayers. God is ready to listen and help us through these struggles.
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