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Help with social anxiety

My abnormal anxiety issues are limited to social anxiety, a vague, but intense fear of social situations, new people, and new places. It used to be quite pervasive growing up, but now I can do a lot of things without anxiety, like go to a restaurant with family. It is the new and unfamiliar I still struggle with. I was all safe in my reclusion until recently I have had the desire to expand my life- I want friends and to get out in the world. An opportunity presented itself. The vet we take our pets to is looking for volunteers to learn basic dog obedience and teach at the new facility they are building. She thinks I would be perfect for it, and it does sound like a very good opportunity for me, only my social anxiety has me panicked just thinking about it. Unfortunately, right now I can't take the antidepressants right now because of my bipolar disorder and I hate using medications like Xanax. Anyone know of any alternatives or tricks to help brush away the social anxiety so I can look at this opportunity realistically? Maybe I would have to resort to a tiny dose of the Xanax just in the beginning.
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One very effective method of controlling anxiety is CBT - cognitive behavioural therapy.  Your doctor should be able to help you find a psychologist or therapist who is versed in this type of treatment.  A friend of mine undertook this therapy and because she was so ready to "rid herself of her fears/anxieties", she made great strides in a very short period of time.
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I agree wiyh jdtm about C.B.T, but also I suffer social anxiety among other anxieties,
I beg you go for it, dont let your anxiety control you, you try and control it or it as won, I know this aprouch is one of the hardest but sometimes it works, but go for it and I think you will be surprised, just remember we that suffer this awlful anxiety have to fight the hardest. go for it and good luck,
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I have been to a therapist and dealt with this issue in the past. It was what got me to the point of handling the simpler situations, like family outings, a chat with the neighbors. It didn't help beyond that, the relaxation techniques, deep breathing, pressure points, counting to three and jumping in. Also, at that time I was also on a low dose of Zoloft which works wonders for me. I can't take it now.

I am in therapy again and our first goal is for me to get outside of myself and work towards getting into social situations. She thinks it isn't a coincidence that this opportunity made itself, kind of destiny in a way. But I have just started with this therapist. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions that I don't already use or have tried.
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