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Dose anyone else feel weird all day like there high or something Ive felt like this for months know started with panic attacks and then I just started feeling weird all day everyday I started serquel 50 mg and citalopram 10 mg my doc uped them seroquel to 100mg and citalopram to 20 mg and Yesterday I started feeling like I didnt know where I was or what I was doing and I felt like I was going mad crazy like I didnt know what I was going to do ,
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Yer I have days like that, was like that lastnight, felt way outta of it, its just an anxiety symptom. Some days I feel like am in a dream and everythin doesn't seem really, I have started tellin my self I have had these feelings before and no harm will come to me, and it will past. Only started doing that cause it in a book am reading what I just bought about how to cope with anxiety, it does pass, but understand its horrible. Think anxiety will always be a part of my life now had it for ten years, will just have to learn how to adapt and learn how to live and cope with the symptoms. It will be tho, I get like that some days
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Did you feel like your high all day and weird like you feel like you here and your not and outside and even being home feels different Ive felt like this for around 3 months and Im feeling like I cant do It anymore I just wanna feel like how I use to .
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I wanna feel like u use too aswell, yes I feel like that most days, I feel numb as well. Use to bite my self to see if I was numb. Their sumptoms of Anxiety, mine has just come back, cause goin through a lot lately, I went a year with Meds or any symptoms. Now its back, u do learn to handle it, with the right Meds or therapy. It does get better honest,
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I have felt this way countless times. Its your mind and body protecting itself from stress and what it perceives as a dangerous situation.

It is very normal to feel this when when your are under stress and anxiety. but, it does pass. give it time.
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I hope so becaue I feel really hopless and Im a mother of a 5 year old and find It hand to take care of him daily when I feel like Im high all day and dont feel like me , and always have sucidal thoughts, and my doctor dosent seem sure she says you may get better you may not like ???? She wants to send me for a ct scan for the brain :S... I just dont like how this feeling has been all day everyday for 3 months It has not gone away for not even a minute :(
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Anxiety is hard to live with, but can be over come with the right treatment or Meds, I've had times in the past were I thought is this ever gonna stop, am I always gone feel like this, and it is scary. But u can come through this, its just hard to see it at the time when u feel like this, remember u a strong person to get through each day feelin like this. If ur not happy or theirs no improvement with ur meds go back the doc's until ur happy with the treatment ur gettin. Don't give up an don't let the doc's fob u off make them listen
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Thank you for listening and taking the time to reply!
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