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Helpless and scared: Sudden anxiety attacks

This is a little long, bear with me. A little background, before this happened i had been visiting my boyfriend out of state for about two months, i was alone most of the day and basically isolated with the exception of my boyfriend. Recently (three days ago to be precise) i had a huge panic attack that landed me in the emergency room, they gave me a xanax and sent me on my way. This ended up with me back the next day still feeling panicked. They gave me a small prescription for ativan and once again sent me along. I called my parents to come get me and bring me home because i was afraid of being alone when he went to work the next day. Ativan make feel like crap and i'm determined to get over this on my own. I'm over the panic attacks but have been experiencing anxiety attacks since my second hospital visit. I know when one is coming because i get a feeling like my brain is heating up and i become nauseous and my stomach starts to turn (my digestive system is very sensitive to stress) i then end up crying over nothing and currrently this is the only way to get through the attack. I will then feel normal for a few hours. I feel like i cannot be by myself and sometimes i feel detached (i believe the term is disassociative). Has anyone else had this? and if so is there any advice you can offer? I refuse to take medicine because i've only had this issue for a few days and i think i can work through it before it becomes a full blown disorder
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Hi, I just wonder did something happen with your boyfriend that scared you? I think you should try to relax and use relaxation methods for stress that you can look up on the internet. I would see your normal dr about this issue so he can help keep an eye on it for you. If it continues I would think about medication as these things are sometimes a chemical imbalance in your brain and not something yoiu have control over. So don't rule out medication if this continues. You shoukld remember that the imbalance is in your brain and not something you can fix on your own sometimes. Take care
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I had a bad experience trying psychedelic mushrooms for the first (and only) time while i was staying with him, but they didnt seem to have much of an effect after they wore off. Im scared because i love my bf and family very much and when i have these attacks im afraind ill never love them again
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