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Herbs? Need advice.

I have major depression, GAD as well as social.

Things happened in life and I had to move to my inlaws with my bf. I dont work and he wont pay so I had to stop my meds. That was months ago.

Since living somewhere that makes me totally unhappy and anxious Ive gotten alot worse than I ever have been in my life.

I gained 30 pounds. My high bp is back. Ive shut myself up in this shack for 10 months avoiding his parents who don't like me.

The story is long, so I'll cut it there.

Ive been trying 900mg St Johns Wort a day - started that a couple months ago. I dont see a change.
Then alittle over a week ago I added 100mg a day 5-htp. Still no better and anxiety possibly worse.

I just bought

5-htp enteric-coated 100mg
Inositol 650mg
GABA 500mg
DL-Phenylalanine 500mg
Adrenal Essentials

from Swanson Vitamins

I'm looking for how and when to take? Daytime/bedtime? How many mgs total a day?

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If you were on presscriptions drugs I would go back and talk to my dr about not having the money....sometimes they can keep you supplied with samples that they get from the reps....I am not much on herbal products cause I know nothing about them so I would also suggest you take them with you to the dr visit and see what he/she says about them....

Some manufactors will even help people who cant afford so you may can get a discount that way or you may be eligible for medicaid since you have no income and medicaid will pay for your medications but you have to go and sign up for it and get approved....

I hope you get the help you need and it sounds like just where you are at is causing youalot of stress and anxiety...you may want to think that over also..

God Bless
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a dr visit costs around $100 this is not an option, my bf won't pay for it

he and his parents think I'm just lazy and want a hand out...i lost my job of 2 yrs in 2007 or 2008 and two more jobs after that due to chronic pain that's developed most likely due to depression and stress. Drs can't fnd a legit cause, ie. blood work or xrays therefore they won't help e either.

I feel like noone believes me. I alone. I'm stuck on my in-laws farm away from the world aand with a bf who refuses to believe or help me. There's a free clinic an hour away, I'm still trying to get him to take me.

I've lived here 11 months and the entire time I basically keep myself shut inside, the anxiety taking over. His parents don't want me here but I'm with their son.

I tried to get help because I'm not sure how long I can take this, but because I said I'm too scared to end my life, they put me on a waiting list...its been over a month.

I have no family or friends to turn to and no support at all here.
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