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High Dose Buspar

I currently take clonazapam for my generalized anxiety disorder.  (I've taken it for a number of years -- before that I took Xanax XR).  I have found these benzodiazepam lose their effectiveness when taken for years.  I also took Effexor XR for many years, but was advised by my headache practitioner to stop taking it, as it was theorized that it might be contributing to my quantity of headaches.  I then tried Zoloft for a month, but stopped taking it (with doctor's approval), as it seemed like my headache quantity was returning.  That's the background info.

What I'd like to know is: has anything been on Buspar, but at a higher dose than is the norm?  The doctor said we might try this, as anxiety is my primary problem, with depression being secondary.  Years ago, I took Buspar (regular dose), but didn't think it was effective.  If anyone has any information, I'd be most appreciative.  Thank you.
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Oops...typo.  I meant to write: "has anyone been on Buspar..."  I wrote "anything" in my original post.  Sorry. :)
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Benzodiazapines lose their effectiveness over time as your body develops a tolerance to them. (They are addictive, they act in your brain the same as alcohol.) Switching them up is usually a common occurance. Trying to find alternative anxiety meds with as few benzos, or if possible none at all, is the goal of every medical practitioner.

Effexor can have a stimulant effect in some people. Go to your pharmacy and get then to print off the patient information sheet for each of your medications. Read them, highlight bits that you don't understand and take it to your primary healthcare provider. (Family physician.) Get all your other Drs to look as well. They all need to be aware of what you are taking and why. They need to work together to offer you the best care.

Ask about nabilone/cessamet as an alternative. It's a controlled substance, but is used for many conditions, including treatment resistent depression/anxiety. Ask if it is suitable for your particular health problems.

Have you had any trauma in your life? Have you almost died, or seen someone else die, or almost be killed? Have you suffered any abuses in your life, as an adult or as a child? If you have nightmares or obsessive thoughts make sure to tell your Drs this. It can help them to understand you more, and possibly discover more ways of helping you to cope with your health.

Listen to your Drs advice, but make sure you keep a detailed account of your symptoms and side effects as you start/stop new meds/doses. This will help you both to learn your body and mind's patterns, reactions to meds and discover the most effective doses and cocktails. Educate yourself, and then ask your Dr for their view on each matter. Ask a LOT of questions.

I unfortunately can't help with the "higher than normal" dosage of the buspar, but I hope the other info I offered will help at least a little.
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