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With the holidays coming up I am feeling an extreme amount of anxiety! To the point of freaking out! Thinking of ways to avoid them all together which is impossible as I have kids! What are some of the things you guys do to keep calm, relax, and prepare for the holidays without becoming an emotional wreck or having panic attacks? THANKS IN ADVANCE for any responses :) love, Rosy
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Hey there rosy girl!!

Oh boy, the holidays.  I think many people hate them, or have a love-hate relationship with them, and I think a lot of that is due to the incredible amount of pressure that's placed on people to make everything perfect and also the pressure of the shopping aspect.

I've found that when I strip away all of those superficial things, and enjoy the stuff about the holidays I did as a kid (the "magic", the music, scents, sights), I enjoy them much more.  Start your own holiday traditions, like making a gingerbread house, or planning a carolling outing with friends, go to a musical performance for a nice night out on the town, enjoying the lights and scenery of a bigger town.

Try to take the stress aspect out of it, don't put so much pressure on yourself to do everything, buy everything, make everything perfect.  Enjoy the things about the holidays that give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

When I start to feel overwhelmed by the holidays, I try to take myself back to how magical it was as a child.  I remember those feelings, which were amazing.  While it's impossible to have the same exact feelings as an adult, if you expose yourself to those things about the holidays that gave you those wonderful feelings as a kid, it will trigger some great feelings for you.

This is a great topic, because the holiday are a rough time for so many.  
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Take time for you - mani/pedi's, massage, spa day's free time, even a walk - anything that relax's you. You have to remember it's NOT always about them, but you too.
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Thank you for your response! Spa days are outta the question but I understand the concept of what your saying.... I will have to find something that I enjoy doing that will take my mind off of things. :-)
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Eaxactly, make time time for YOU. it's important & you should try to do this everyday as well & if you can't aim for once a week. make it your day off :)
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Why do you hate holidays ? I think i do to I get into this depressed mood. Why is that!
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I jump in to mark this thread on my "watch list'... I read to learn. This is not so much for me, but my wife.  

I know that part of the depression and/or anxiety for her is because of being away from family, just the opposite of taking on too much responsibility for the event.  

We moved from the Seattle to NJ when I graduated from colleage... over the years our children grew up and moved away.  But even when our children were at home she had some problem.  Now I think it is the loss of physical contact with family emphasized by the family-roots of these, mostly Christian related, holidays.  This is aggravated now by old age.

I suppose we will sell our home and move in the near future, but move where?  We could move to California in the San Fran area, where both of our children live (daughter with two children) but who can afford it? I think New York City is the only more expensive city to take up residence, but in the SF area prices for housing are out-of-sight for 60 miles in all directions.

Hum, guess I've figured out what some of our frustrations is, hope it helps others find solutions.
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Jerry, I live in the Bay Area, outside of San Fran, but close enough to it, the real estate market here is fantastic, if you're thinking of moving out this way, now is the time to do it!  Trust me we purchased our house in July, and our neighbor just sold his, identical to ours for 90,000 more.  Real Estate taxes here are less than the east coast too.  We moved from FL to here 4 years ago and I can't imagine going back east.  It's beautiful out here!!!
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Thanks for the "Heads up"... we have looked "out west" over the years.  All the way to Southern Oregon and East to Nevada.  We did find affordable housing, even on a par with what we thought our home would sell for.  We particularly liked the area around Nevada City (and the next couple of towns, high enough to not take the Sacramento heat, and low enough not to get the Tahoe snow.  Over the years those properties have gone up much faster than NJ property... I'm talking pre-bubble-bust years.

To keep some connection to the originator's question, our looking over the years have been driven by a "need" to return to roots.  I'm from Denver, my wife from Seattle.  We each have some family in those areas, and we have children around San Fran (Mill Valley and Pal Alto).  Our daughter's home which is only a bit nicer than ours is "worth" more than our total worth, not just our house.
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