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Homeopathy for Anxiety and Depression?

Hi, has anyone tried homeopathy for dealing with anxiety and depression? I just started seeing a homeopath this week and he gave me a remedy that I have been taken for 4 days. He put something in it to give me the immediate benefit of better sleep (and it's working!), but since this is a holistic treatment I know my body has to heal itself, and so it'll take time to see my anxiety and depression improve.

But I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this sort of thing. Is it supposed to make me feel nauseas and out of sorts? I thought homeopathy has no side effects, which is why I'm trying it. I can't handle the side effects of anti-anxiety/anti-depression meds, but I'm getting similar syptoms (albeit MUCH less severe) with this natural alternative, like shakiness, nausea and a hollow feeling in the stomach, foggy brain, fatigue. And the worse part...I space out and stare at things. Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing with homeopathic remedies?
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Even though they are homeopathic they can still have side effects like nausea and such. I'm glad to hear your feeling better. Many people go the homeopathic way to treat their anxiety and depression.
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