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Hot flashes

Hello guys the title kinda says it all,
The last 6 months im in constant stress over a health issue and the last month im facing hot flashes during the day out of the blue. The past months ive faced palpitations, tingling in arm , numbness etc, nausea but all of them subsidied. Ive done thyroid check ct of neck and chest abdomen and other blood tests, cause we were trying to rule out lymphoma. My question is can i have hot flashes as a result of those months of intense stress even if the moment the flash happens im not particulary stressed? Or should i check other pathological causes.
Fyi those 6 months i ve stopped going to the gym and my daily life is all about my health anxiety.
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I forgot to mention that im a guy
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Glad you mentioned you're a guy -- you list yourself as a female in your profile.  So if you're a guy, they're not hot flashes.  I don't see how not going to the gym is going to help your anxiety -- exercise helps relax you and releases feel good chemicals.  Some medications cause sweating -- some antidepressants do this.  Anxiety can cause this.  Menopause can cause this, but you're a guy.  If you believe your doctors have done a good job eliminating physiological causes, that leaves you in ignorance, but maybe they haven't searched everything they can.  Sometimes, if you've been on a medication for a long enough time even if you stop it the side effects can last.  The body changes permanently.  And if your daily life is all about health anxiety, you are feeling stressed, so have you ever seen a therapist to see if you can learn to reduce this kind of thinking?
Thanks for the answer i actually had panic attacks 4 months ago with palpitations, but now i only have hot flashes no fast heart rate etc. Also im 21 years old and its bad for my health anxiety one more symptom in the basket. I hope its just the psycological torture gone physical and its not sth nasty.
I'd see a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment, since it's really hard to find some physiological problems and you have looked at that.  You could have a hormonal imbalance, but I'd think blood tests would have picked it up.  Since you do say you have health anxiety, it won't hurt if you can solve that, and if it solves the other problems you'll know it was anxiety.
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