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How can I stop myself from being scared of having another seizure?

Hi everyone, I'm very worried with what's going on with myself so please it will mean everything if you could take some time to read this and give me some good advise. Thanks

I feel like crap a lot lately, and everything feels like a dream, mostly when something new is happening or I'm in a new place. When I'm just sitting at home by  myself I feel fine! I'm really scared of having another seizure and when I think about it I feel weird and it feels like I'm going to have one but I never do! I've had a seizure in August 2013 and a panic attack along with another seizure this year in April. My second seizure was straight after having sex with my boyfriend so I'm not sure if that was the cause of it or if it just helped it happen? Ever since my second seizure I've been feeling very sick, tired, no energy, I get a ringing in my ear now and then, I don't like getting out of the house much and it's starting to really get to me. I'm sick of being scared that I'm going to have another one, I went to Melbourne the other week for my first time and it all felt like a dream. One night after a party I only had one or two drinks and I was really stressing then after having sex with my boyfriend it felt like I was having another panic attack, getting tingly in the hands, light headed, running out of breath so he tried calming down which helped. Then another night at a Gig I felt out of my comfort zone but usually it doesn't worry me but I was stressing and felt like I was going to have seizure or a panic attack. I also hadn't had very much sleep at all and did have a lot to drink the night before but the next day I felt drunk all day. I just need help please, it's ruining me!!!
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I could write you a very long post about anxiety and panic and being out of our comfort zones but THE most important aspect of your post are these seizures you've had. You absolutely MUST see a doctor and figure out why you are having them!

All the other issues can be dealt with after the seizures have been properly diagnosed.

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Thanks Ruby, I've been seeing a doctor and I'm assuming I'm going to be diagnosed with epilepsy since my cousin was at this age and my great grandmother had it. I'm just sick and tired of being scared I'm going to have another one, and feeling the way I do. It's depressing me
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What tests have you had and how long ago did you have them? A diagnosis should not take very long. Are you having to travel far for any tests that have been ordered?

I don't blame you for being afraid of another seizure and I hope you had a long talk with your doctor about this. Did he/she not give you any advice about what to do until a diagnosis is made?

This is just my opinion, but since it seems they sort of left you in the dark, I would call them and ask them some questions! Don't hesitate to tell them you're scared and need some answers. You should also ask them when you could expect a diagnosis.

I also understand your frustration of not knowing and feeling the way you do. It would depress me, too. Can you talk with your cousin? Talking with somebody else with the same problem can go a long way to ease our minds.

I would definitely call the doctor back!
I know it's hard, but try to stay calm and know that eventually this will all get sorted out and you won't have to fear seizures any longer.
Please let us know how you're doing, OK?
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My name is Fabian Sophia and I had a history of uncontrolled tonic clonic seizures for 20 years.  I've tried many anticonvulsants and had never been able to stop the seizures.  Surgery was not an option.  My seizures worsened as I aged.  Finally, i met a Doctor on the internet called Lawson . I ordered for the Herbal medication and used the medication for 6 months, after which I went for medical test, which has been confirmed cured completely .  It worked!  I've been seizure free for 12 months while slowly reducing my meds. contact him on via email dr.***@**** or call +1(409) 237-2545
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