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How do I deal with the blocking of my son from my life?

My son and I have always been pretty close... in the last year I have found out that he has been doing drugs since he was 13. He was living in his father home...We divorced when my son was 9. We have 2 other children together. The middle son also started using drugs but has stopped as for as I know. The oldest has been to 2 rehabs in less then a year and at the last one that he was at the Councilors contacted me and said that my son no longer wants any contact with unless he reaches out 1st.I have found out that through the years of living with his father that there has been physical and emotional abuse there and that he had tried to commit suicide at least 10 times. I was never informed on any of this until this year. I was told by this rehab that I am the one that has caused him to be the person that he is today. I was the one that has made him go down the path that he has taken. I believe that my 19 year old son has lied and is still trying to please his dad and his overbearing controlling Grandmother. They had a chance to have a family meet at this rehab 2 weeks before I was to go and in a week after their family visit i was told that I could not come that Greg was setting a boundary that he did not want to have communication with me and that he would reject any mail or anything that was sent to him from me. I recently got on to my Facebook and was looking for a picture that was on his page and noticed that I am completely block from him and that I have no access at all to even email him. He has kept everyone else on there but me. I do not know if it was him or if it was his dad. I don't know if he is out of rehab or if he is still in there. I don't know if he has gone to court yet for the trouble that he is in or what is going on. My other 2 kids will not say anything and now our relationship is jeopardy of being terminated because of this. I really just need help understanding how to deal with... Can anyone help me?
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