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Im to this website and i hoping somebody can either relate or point me in the right direction. Ive had anxiety sense i was 16. I remember my first anxiety attack like it was yesterday and every day sense then (3 years ago) I have lived in absolute fear. At first I only had anxiety over my heart. I was affraid of anything that could cause a heart attack and even looking at videos of a beating heart (discovery channel that i acidently happened upon channel surfing one day, big mistake there) were enough to send into a panic attack then high anxiety for days. I had never had anxiety before i was 16 (infact i miss those days so much). Lately there has been a lot of change in my life and i'll be the first to admit that i dont take to change well at all. As i know there is are a lot of environmently factors contributing to my anxiety, my anxiety has been ABSOLUTLY OUT OF CONTROL lately. Im completely affraid to go anywhere outside of my home for fear of a heart attack in public, I dont step out in the sun because im affraid of the sun triggering a heart attack or death, I try not to walk long distances as i get winded and think im going to die.....this and many other things. The constant stress i am putting my body under has taken its toll im down to 89 pounds, have no appetite, have ulcers,constantly light headed, constantly out of breath, my mood goes from happy to scared and crying the next. I cant seem to get my moods under control either. for example yesterday was the first day in two months i was happy and was laughing and smiling and actualy ventured outside my home to walgreens. but this morning was a total melt down and im back to square one. I know i need t see a conselor but have 0$. maybe is there a forum or something online for free that can assist me? Thanks so much god bless.
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I to have the same issues with my anxiety. I always think its my heart. My doctor gave me a stress test to make me feel better and to show me I'm ok. I have panic disorder and hypochondria. I can't tell you how many times I have been to the er thinking something is wrong. I also don't like going out of my house but the last few days I have been making myself. I have four kids and don't like them seeing me stuck in the house. Sounds like to me you have panic disorder with agoraphobia .....I have it too....its where you fear going out to places.. I know you say you have no money but you have to try and get some meds. I'm on celexa and ativan for my panic attacks. I've also noticed the more I sit around the more I think...the more I think the more my anxiety goes nuts. Its hard at times. Just know you are not the only one and we are all here when you need to talk......
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To rest your fears do you have enough money to see our family doc and have an EKG to rest your fears. Do you fear dying? Is it the heart attack or dying that you fear? I ask this because you mention having the fear in public like it would be embarrassing.
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