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How do you cope wih anxiety?

just wondering how you all cope and carry on with your lifes while sufferinf with anxiety? i would be helpful to many of us to see how others cope and maybe try a few of eachothers ideas. i know i for one cold do with the help
Thank you all
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hi, i just try my hardest to ignore it, on a good day im invincable on a bad day im useless!!! i play a little game with myself if im having pains etc i make myself do something to prove to myself i wont die. it scary but helps me to cope. i also find taking my mind off it helps i visit friends or play on my nintendo. but on the other hand re-assurance helps me. arghhhh its so hard to deal with x
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the only way i could dill with it is with meds
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I've been suffering with anxiety on and off for 10 years!

It is mind over matter and you CAN cure yourself. You need to start telling yourself, so what if it happens - big deal, It doesn't kill me and it certainly won't harm me. Once you learn to accept that this is not life threatening and you won't die from it, you then need to try and see it as an annoying little child pulling at your trousers looking for attention. It makes you think  'WHAT, What do you want?'  it irritates you! and that's how you need to see this! It is nothing more than an annoying child pulling at your trousers looking for attention - well guess what, you're not going to give it that attention - you are going to ignore it and tell it to go away. Get angry with it - i mean REALLY angry with it. Shout out if you want whilst thinking it. Then you need to lift your head up high (not hunched over like most people do when they get these attacks - and I know most do, like a scared child!!)

These attacks are like a bully and you cannot be the victim anymore - you need to stand up to this bully and don't take it anymore!!!

It isn't easy and it is hard, and yes at times, you will relapse, but you must keep on.

I have learnt to be hard with it and do not give in to this bully. You are strong and you can deal with this!! Be positive and praise yourself for your hard work. Trest yourself every time you battle it!

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