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How do you relax with your anxiety - don't want to do meds - natural approach.

How do all of you relax and manage your anxiety?  I have been seeing a natural doctor who has me on supplements for what she is saying is a neurotransmitter imbalance causing my anxiety but I find myself so tense my muscles actually hurt.  Does anyone have anything that has worked for them to relax.  I don't want to do presc meds.  

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anxiety has a way of bringing you to ur knees, As my doctor tells "your brain is a very powerful object that has the power to bring your whole body down". I've tried meds myself but them seem to make me worse instead of better..I try to deal with the anxiety every day bye taking walks and hot showers. somedays are better then others. You Just have to learn not to let anxiety control you, that you have to control your anxiety. You  can stop one just as fast as it happpens if you know the best ways to relaxe.When one hits me i sit out side and close my eyes with my hand on my heart (to prove to myself i'm not dying)  And focus on my breathing. Soon enough i get my heart rate down and normally i lay down for 30 mintues, it seems to help.
best of luck
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Mine is more of a persistent state of odd symptoms...not "attacks" really.  It started out more that way, but has become more constant.  I am trying very hard not to let it control me, but am not doing a very good job and am looking for something new to try.  I was considering Yoga but haven't done it yet.  Thanks again.
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Hey there. I think we were having the same symptoms...the constant state of fuzzyness and other things.

For me it's kind of an ongoing thing. First and formost, I make sure I get enough rest at night. 7-8 hours is crucial for me, and I sometimes take a 20-30 minute nap. I start my morning with a healthy breakfast and drink 32 oz. of water right away. I use to have a large glass of oj but found that it was actually making my heart race, so I stopped that. I make sure that if I have anything going on that day such as appt's or a test or errands to run, I think about them the day before and plan it out. That way the day of I'm not overwhelmed with what I have to do. I started doing yoga and it helped me out tremendously. I also notice that the days I go for a walk or do 30 minutes of weight training I feel A TON better. I also went out to Walmart and bought a stress relief cd. This particular one has water sounds and other soothing sounds. I use it when I feel like I'm frazzled. I will lay down on the floor in a comfy position and focus on the music and try to calm my mind.

That's just some of the things I do. I'm like you, I don't do meds and would prefer to use natural methods. I also drink FUZE drinks, they are hgh in B vitamins which are known to help calm and put the mind at ease.

Best health wishes to you!
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Thank you for the advise.  I do not sleep well at all and am talking to my doctor about that today.  I haven't tried the FUZE drinks so will try that as well.  I want to start taking Yoga and just have to make myself do it.
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Exercise, yoga, tai chai, b complex vitamins, eating the right foods, balanced diet are all good for anxiety, stress.  I hope your Doctor helped you out.  I also like to try every other way but meds.  I have to take thyroid meds because I had to have my thyroid gland removed but other than that I try not to take meds for anxiety, stress.  Wishing you well.  
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Hello, I am sorry that you are having such a hard time with your anxiety. I know how you feel not wanting to be on meds. I am unable to take any antidepressents, very bad side effects. I would rather go the natural way anyways.
First of all I will tell you now you need to be patient with yourself. Anxiety is a powerful thing that has taken you over and now it's time for you to take that control back. It took me a while, but I have finally reached a point where I am feeling better then ever. I take centrum vitamins, one a day. I also through in some omega fish oil which seems to help too. I exercise and you have to make sure that you get a good enough night sleep. That is essential for your body. That might be why your muscles are tense and ache. I went through the same thing. Try to keep yourself busy. Read, go for a walk. Do the things that you enjoy to do.
This all seems easy but it takes time. You have to re train your body and your thoughts. Be positive. You'll get there. Take care.
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I was involved with an anxiety study several years ago sponsored by a prominent psychiatrist. He had a theory that some kinds of anxiety are caused by electromagnetic fields, which are measured by an instrument called  Gauss meter. To make a long story short, we enjoyed each other's company and for weeks went around with a gaus meter in a big city plotting the levels and then  did the same in a country setting, away from power grids. In a big city we constantly found readings exceeding OSHA safety recommendations. He found his patients imporved considerably in facilities that had large expanses of woods and grass and places where they could spend their days froo from exposure to these fields. He even convinced a fellow doctor to install lead-lined wallboard in his bedroom (available from an x-ray supply company) to reduce the impact of these fields. Dr. Kurt Salzinger,  of the Americal Psychological Association did extensive animal studies on the effects of these fields. Do these fields have an effect on anxiety? I really don't know. He seemed to think so, but never got up a properly funded double-blind study. Spending time in the great outdoors to forget your troubles doesn't seem to be the worst idea in the world, however.
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My anxiety is ongoing also.  I am on meds and want to get off badly, so good for you trying to do it the natural way.  I had to get on Beta Blockers to control my palps, but the doctor promised me he would ween me off once they were under control.
I know everyones body is different, but I often wonder how long did it take any of you who have had anxiety for a year or more to control it?  Sometimes I can control it and other days or weeks-like this week-it takes over me.  When I have a bad day w/palps it makes my whole week bad.  I sit and become anxious about everything...any little "bump" I am very sensitive to anything my body does.

How about I got a splinter, yes a measly splinter in my finger and my first thought was, "I hope this deosn't get infected, etc."  How insane is that?  I mean, if this would have happened six months ago I really wouldn't have thought twice about it.  I am just saying this to show how bad anxiety REALLY is.  

I think a lot of times I think that I am relaxing but my subconcious is always stressed which makes my body do crazy things.  One of these days I will be one of the people on this forum who can help others instead of the one who always needs help :-)
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hey if anone has ideas for dealing with anxiety id love to here more i have found that i feel best when im playing my guitar for some reason i have no worries im just concerned on making music i would like to play out beacuse i have so many words to say but dont know how to write songs and i think playing out might make me feel alot of anxiety i like to clean ill clean clean clean everything i can i  love getting my back scratched and when my wife and i drive around i feel better i feel my anxiety is stressing my wife how can i make her feel better about my anxiety i also have a glass of red wine at nite (one)glass a nite it helps any other ideas
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