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How long does Fluoxetine take to work?

Hi, hope someone can help me.  I've been prescribed Fluoxetine 20mg by my GP, and I've been taking it for just over a week.  I'm also taking 5mg Diazepam.  I'm recovering from breast cancer treatment, and now my mum has a lump.  This has tipped me over the edge.  How long does the Fluoxetine take to work?  I know it's longer than a week, but can anyone give me an idea, as the thought of my mum having surgery is freaking me out.

Thank you.
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It may take up to 6 weeks to get the full effects.
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Thank you for your reply, fastasian, much appreciated.  Looks like I've got a bit of a wait then!
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While fastasian79 is very correct in his/her answer, after four weeks, if you have not begun to notice a significant improvement, your doctor.........and I repeat YOUR DOCTOR, could increase your dose to 20mg BID. (twice a day) Fluoxetine works very well for a lot of people, but like most of us, we want the magic bullet AND we want it to work RIGHT NOW.
You have faced a tremendous ordeal in your own life and now your mother is facing, possibly, the same thing. Give the drug some time to work for you. While you are waiting, you can be there for your mother as she has been there for you all your life. Your own personal experience will give you the courage to face this with her instead of "freaking out." I don't mean to belittle your feelings..........I know you are scared to death for your mom, but I think you will find that being in a supportive position will give you the strength you are seeking. My heart goes out to you for the battle you've won and the battle you will face with your mother. I wish you both well.
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I dont know how to say this but to just come right out and say it...

Lynn,,, you need to go sit down, prefferably with your husand and mother, and CRY... all three of you seriousely. Pills or not,,, you all three need to just let your feelings out, wail out to the world how unfair this is. THEN pop a pill if you think it will help,, but please dont pack up these feelings for anouther day, because the longer they stay there the harder they become to get through in a logical manner.

Yes you need to support your mother,, but when I finished with chemo I was a BASKET case,, no,, a DAMN basket case of pent up emotions.Making yourself face those treatments is an inhuman job by itself.

Remeber Lynn to celebrate your life, you still have it. And celebrate your moms life,, look around and remeber how thankful you are for each person in your family and life again, like you did or will the minute they say your really in remission. This is an impossibly hard moment to face, but after you've given yourselves a chance to mourn, choose to enjoy every moment of the lives you have. Laugh alot okay, its hard at first, but it does get easier after this moment. Dont waste any time being afraid of the what ifs, because spending time being scared doesnt fix anything and it hurts your now healing body. CRY out the fears if you need to,, but then remeber you have NOW, right now and only right now.. make the most of it.

Breath deep,, I try to offer a small blessing to each person I respond to, because I believe in the power of making the souls truest desires manifest ..so my blessing for you is.,, *May Gods Holiest of Angels stand guard by your bedside shining strong against the darkest of nights.*
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Thank you both for your advice - very much appreciated and excellent words of wisdom.  Jennifer, I don't have a husband, we divorced when my son was three (he is now 15), and I've never seen him since.  Believe me, I've wanted to cry, but somehow I just can't.  I've always been the kind of person who cries at anything, but at the moment I can't, no matter how I try.  Still, I thank you both for replying, and Jennifer, thank you for your prayers - I'm sure they will help.
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